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  1. Heard from some people that the heli's are easier to control if you bind the accelerate/decelerate to the left/right mouse buttons. Haven't gotten around to testing it out yet. Still using heli's for kamikaze strikes like in JO , except I can't taunt or scream as I ram them.
  2. About the unlockable weapons; Jackhammer- Better then pumps not as strong, 7 round mag, heavy recoil, full auto only, large spread, slow reload. DAO-12- IMO Better then the SMGs, 12 round mag, light recoil, semi auto but fast firing, tight spread, reload each shell. Of course they are shotguns, so they aren't really meant for long range fighting but in BF2, we use the pistols for that sort of thing. I unlocked the Jackhammer since I'm always a Engineer and my bro did the DAO-12 since he's Anti Tank. I plan on getting the PKM next unless they add 1-2 more magazines to the G3.
  3. Get the stink eye showing up at the range with Kalashnikov types, can only imagine how they would react to full auto shotguns.
  4. Will wait for the demo... well I pretty much have too. No idea what the rough systems requirments are besides a Xbox of Xbox360 har!
  5. Might want to wait on downloading and installing the patch... http://www.eagames.com/official/battlefiel...tyupdate_070805
  6. Played the demo the other day. It's Ghost Recon 5
  7. Had one of those moments too. Guess they chose to package it in a PC DVD case and not a box, wish they mentioned that.
  8. Graphics still look good... too bad nothing really new was shown.
  9. Go to multiplayer and select create local. Then just pick a few 32/64 player sized maps with airplanes and helicopters.
  10. The loading times can get pretty odd. Playing in the EA West Coast servers last night, average time to load a new 32 player map was around 7 minutes. Went into a EA European (Germany I think) server and it took about 30-50 seconds to load up and play.
  11. Looks like the Gamestop.Com and EBGames.Com order tracking and account links are all busted. Can't even see if my games been shipped out.
  12. The locked weapons are pretty good except for maybe the M95. Some reason it seems to do the same amount of damage as the M24. Was kinda hoping a bolt action .50 would drop people in one or two shots. probably just lag...
  13. Have it for the PS2, thinking of getting the PC version when the price goes down a bit. ....Nothing quite like wearing a gimp outfit and beating clowns/Elvis impersonators to death with a "marital aid".
  14. Loving SF right now, too bad their weapons aren't overpowered like they were in the BF:MC beta. (smgs could damage tanks lol) Was running around tonight in a +4 squad of all SF soldiers causing tons of chaos. Can only imagine how devastating it can be if we knew each other or were using mics.
  15. Kinda disliking that, since the more useful classes (SF,AT,Med) only carry 3-4 mags. Guess it just means we gotta stay close to a support expert. Really hope theres a few crosshairs to choose from in the final version. I need a dot or circle, can't stand the expanded cross. (grumble grumble)
  16. Heads up, I have a Fx5200 128mb and I'm playing the demo fine. (unless someone secretly snuck a new card in my PC) Haven't tried MP yet and everything is on low settings (steady frame rates). Going to start testing different settings now.
  17. GameSpot is pretty much a no go. Two servers that keep resetting and a third that takes you back to the main page. Downloading off FileFront right now at 250kbps http://files.filefront.com/battlefield2dem...;/fileinfo.html
  18. Just joined I expect it to die when the demo is released.
  19. http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/06/09/news_6127191.html
  20. Believe the video is posted somewhere in the GR2 console section on these forums. Found the link http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=22680 ...of course the video was made before all the updates released, so I'm sure some have been fixed. *shruggs*
  21. Ever see the GR2 MP glitch video with the guys going on the tree tops? Could explain it
  22. Weren't there 1-2 Xbox GR2 videos released with the "work in progress" message? Maybe it takes too many human resources to hit the print screen key.
  23. "This is my sex box and her name is Sony"
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