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  1. Are slightly customizable weapons one of the things we'll enjoy? Noticed in the IGN screenies, two pics of a plain SCAR and two pics of the SCAR with an Aimpoint.
  2. Hope they don't think he's a whack job and throw him out. Don't know how I would respond if someone came at me with a case of Coca Cola and was rambling about some "Classic Ghost Recon" Uprising.
  3. I would start leaving half empty glasses of water around the house.... *grabs foil*
  4. Remember reading somewhere that GameSpot is going to have it up for download tomorrow... might've been at GameSpot....
  5. Guessing there will be no free drinks for some of you guys. *runs*
  6. Condom machine is out of order...
  7. Yeah, more Adventure then Survival Horror. Don't mind me, I usually say "Survival Horror" when a third person game has a somewhat similar control layout as Resident Evil or Alone in the Dark.
  8. Looking forward to it. Buying the PS2 version. Can't say that I enjoy using a mouse/keyboard for third person survival/horror type games.
  9. http://www.gamespot.com/ps/action/rainbows...tml?q=lone+wolf I remember eagerly awaiting that title but it never come out around this area. Rebellion also did Blackhawk Down for PS2.
  10. Simply enough, you could just rename the movies folder to something like "Moviesxxx" Not as risky as removing files... "prepare for doody" heh
  11. http://www.barrettrifles.com/military/xm109.htm http://www.military.com/soldiertech/0,1463..._XM109,,00.html M109
  12. I'm gonna snatch up as many M rated copies as I can. Then stand outside of electronic stores and sell them to minors. Ebay here I come!
  13. I'll take a M109 please. Wonder if Walmart will carry the ammo on the shelf...
  14. Karkand+Medic= Gold Mine
  15. Yeah, I have no desire to play for +20 years just to get those 2.5 million points.
  16. http://www.planetbattlefield.com/bf2/game/ranks/ Every promotion First unlock when you receive the rank of Lance Corporal
  17. I wonder if patch v1.03 will say v1.02? Guess we'll find out when we buy the expansion.
  18. I believe The Godfather is delayed until next year...
  19. GI Joe reference in a GRAW! thread, somehow I saw it coming. What I didn't see coming was that "G R 3" is instantly turned into GRAWOMGWTFBBQ1!!11 wacky
  20. *Edits all around* Bah! I juss wuv mooshen thengs toogeva ------------------------------ Prepare for more snoopin'n'poopin http://pc.ign.com/articles/632/632446p1.html click thumbnails
  21. Didn't get the memo? Light Bloom is manadatory in games nowadays- especially Ubisoft ones.
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