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  1. Received some mail from THE FUTURE
  2. Love those stray emails. Wonder if someone is writing a biography...
  3. Fake as it can get. Hell, if you pause at the right moment, you can see the shoe he slipped off for the bloody one.
  4. Gave up on it. About 5-10 seconds into any room and I would be kicked for cheating. Darn my uber hax.
  5. You are The Midnighter. The Midnighter was a secret product of the labs of Henry Bendix, part of his Stormwatch "Academy" program, the members of whom were duped into becoming Bednix's personal Stormwatch team. One of many individuals given superpowers by that ruthless personage, he lost his original identity in the process. He was transformed into "Night's Bringer of War", a living weapon designed to "hit thing's until they don't work anymore. The Midnighter automatically analyses every situation he is in as a combat scenario, his computerised senses instantaneously checking out multiple battle strategies until he has located the best one to win the fight at minimal effort. To aid him in the actual fight he has heightened reflexes and strength, and a superb knowledge of most forms of combat. I do enjoy hitting things until they don't work anymore.
  6. One newer weapon I noticed from the latest advertisment in Game Informer magazine, was the XM109. Prepare to be TKed if I can't get one of my own.
  7. The Gravy Factory.... if I recall correctly...
  8. Just cram it full of heavy/death metal bands kinda like Lockdown. Can already imagine the title song having the singer growling "GRAW!" as loud as possible.
  9. http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20051019-5458.html
  10. Six Ounce Gloves - 'Dying Wish' Local band, good album. Checkout their site to listen to a few songs. http://www.sixouncegloves.com/
  11. Look on the bright side, now you can cancel your preorders and get another game. Same thing as last year, about the same time too.
  12. Try FileFront or FileShack even FilePlanet fffff Promotions come around every 3k-3.5k points it seems. Got like 3-5 rank ups in under 30 seconds.
  13. I frequently type 'huge ass' replies that take around 10-15 minutes to write and correct, then I delete the whole thing and only add a few words, maybe a smilie. L0L wakka wakka waffles
  14. You can play either way. Sneak around or go in guns blazing. At the TGS, Kojima said that players will be able to customize weapons. http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/09/18/news_6133820.html
  15. Test it out Here. Viva la Revolution!
  16. Feels very similar to Caves or Wilderness from Ghost Recon (excluding trees/bushes). Sometimes you can run around for several minutes and not find one enemy or even lose track of a teammate that was close behind. Hopefully more games start using the quick load/stream. Anything to get rid of the long load times.
  17. Should just make it optional. No different then Threat Indicator, IFF, Blood or Aim Assist.
  18. Fine with me as long as the all the maps do not look the same and the AI doesn't "act up", like in alot of other games with urban maps... Like the idea of being able to look down and see yourself. Would've come in handy in GR after those Frag/AT fights. Could quickly look down and see how bad you were banged up.
  19. IIRC, it's only free if you bought the Silver/Gold Half Life 2 packs.
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