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  1. Too lazy to check the other pages to see if this was posted already. GameSpot
  2. I say we boycott GRAAAW because we were not informed first that it was going Gold.
  3. Got tired of my intergrated sound card not cutting it. In FEAR and Oblivion, it would make the sounds a high picthed grinding/whirl or cause everyone to start talking in slow motion. Which was disturbing when I killed someone and they let out a creepy groan. Try explaining to the neighbors what those loud male groans coming out of your basement were. Ordered this cheap card yesterday from NewEgg. Just finished installing it, works like a charm. Can totally do some Karaoke over Teamspeak now.
  4. As long as it doesn't mutate several times, should be fine. Just uh... prepare for a few weeks of isolation... Back into the Cold War Bunkers.
  5. Sweden now has Organic Weapons of Mass Destruction!
  6. That is in good condition. Do you know the history on it? Is is all original, or was it restored at some point? I know someone that is a really into WWI and WWII era guns. I learn stuff from him, as I don't know all that much about the fine details about guns from that era. He has found some very nice guns in original condition. He never shoots those, so he usually buys a beat up gun, restores it, uses that as his daily shooter, and then has the ones in original condition as his show and tell guns. ← Sorry, forget I posted. About a day later, noticed it was a Century Arms refurbished/restored. Somehow missed the name etched into the side of the receiver and the original numbers on the metal buttplate scratched off. Was so happy when I took apart the bolt and found out it wasn't full of cosmoline.
  7. So far I have won over $75,000,000 this year. pfft... it's only £2.5 million?
  8. Picked up my M91/30 on Friday. It's in pretty good condition and from the looks, most of the parts have the same markings. Not bad for the last rifle in the store and a display one at that, which you know, means it has been molested by many many hands. The guy next to me was a bit sad to hear the Mosin was only $80 after he just paid over $400 on a rifle, that he was just going to shoot for fun. Thing didn't even come with a scope
  9. http://www.calguns.net/a_california_arak.htm
  10. That thing Cali legal? Bought a M91/30 last week, picking it up this Friday. The +40lbs of ammo I ordered should arrive on that day as well. :3
  11. I knew it! Next Gen Barbie Horse Adventure 2! Remember seeing the video for the MGL-140 last year, http://www.armedforcesjournal.com/blackwater/?s=2005_videos , good stuff.
  12. Camera is finally working again. When I went to buy it, my mother wanted to tag along, since she has never seen how guns are transferred, the paperwork, etc. Any ways, as I'm filling out the papers, my mom is reading over my shoulder and asking all sorts of questions. After handing over the paper, the employee asked if I was a felon, to which I quickly replied to her, in my best gravely voice, "Why, got a problem with us felons?". Apparently I answered yes on the forms that I was convicted of a felony before. Must have happened when I was distracted answering the questions on the paper and the ones from my mom.
  13. Bought a Mossberg 500 2-3 weeks ago, around Valentines day. Was going to get a 590, but the guy didn't sell them any more, so I went over to Big 5 and bought the 500. Same model seen here; Will post the decent picture, once the batteries on this camera recharge. Got quite a laugh when I went to buy it.
  14. Gonna cry if there is no option for an Mk48+M203+Suppressor :'(
  15. I am relieved. No way am I going to get any sleep next month with RF Online, Oblivion, Subsistence, and a few other games.
  16. Kinda expected it, always happens with the games you want, regardless of who is making/publishing the game. Pretty sure we'll survive, of course don't know how many people are going to immolate themselves in the streets. Funny thing did happen awhile go, told my bro that GRAAAAW was going to be delayed til sometime after March. First thing he said was, "Didn't they do that with GR2, and then cancel it around April?".
  17. shocked, truely shocked... On the bright side, now I can pimp my shotgun and play Oblivion for the next few months without having to worry about GRAAAAW.
  18. http://www.law-17.com/ *scroll down* *click for larger version*
  19. Zantar. I took the CWL class yesterday and the instructor, and old guy, had an XD thats is 20 years old. Way before SA bought the design. The gun was made in Croatia and I believe, still been made in Croatia For Springfield. He said he had put over 40,000 rounds with no misfires. He open the gun and showed us a part that was cracked and worn out and the gun still fired. The gun looks very similar to the new one, so the desing has not change. The thing he like the most is all the features. If you look at your picture there is a little pin behind the cartridge ejector that is a "Loaded Chamber" indicator also behind you can see another little pin sticking out, that tell you the gun is ready to be fired. Also it has 2 fire safetys. If you look at the triger and the grip they both have safety features. He said that the croatins took what was good on differents guns and packaged into their gun. So don't think this is a Springfild- Armoury new wonder gun, this gun is been around for a while and they where smart enough to bring it to the USA and sell a ton of them. ← Yeah, read more about XD's background a week or two after posting that...... two years ago.
  20. Argh, totally screwed up, should have bought this gun instead. Gonna go down to the club and start popping hot chicks with the little Cupids, Jackpot!
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