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  1. For my birthday, got one of those (evil) black rifles that fire those "small caliber, high velocity" rounds. Will post pic's next week when I pick it up. Starts with an M....
  2. ABC has their broadcast on a 5 sec delay... Man Boobs? teh horror
  3. Anyone get a lil nookie and conceive the future Anti Christ?
  4. Sitting here on a pile of ammo, when's the rapture start?
  5. Fo' sho Been awhile since I have been there, but GameWinners.Com usually has SP trainers.
  6. Sold out at every store I went to today. Must have something to do with Memorial day...
  7. *knock on wood* Always wanted something compact and 9mm, had to get the Taurus, was also in my price range. Going to snag a CZ52 or Makarov next time. If not, then the CZ75 (think it was) or Beretta they had. Should be able to mooch off my bro in laws supply of .40S&W
  8. Haven't put it through it's paces, but there have been no FTF/FTE with Winchester, Blazer or Federal. No complaints Heard some say the trigger is a pain and needs to be broken in. Mine's nice and clean, previous owner probably broke it in already.
  9. Kinda waiting on the Sheriff elections before CCW anything. From what I hear, he wants to make it so that all LEO in the county can easily obtain their CCW and carry when they are off duty. So that could mean that there would be little need for issuing to none LEO/Military. Don't know if I would even want to try for one. Not exactly rowdy around here.
  10. Picked up my Taurus PT-111 Mil-Pro the other day. Nice and compact, grip feels good in my hands, and pretty accurate for a 3.25" barrel (at least enough for me). Weighs about 3lbs loaded, so if the 9mm JHP don't do the job, could always bash the threat over the head with it. Also bought an ATI CAR-style stock for my Mossberg 500. Wasn't comfortable with the LOP on the default synthetic stock, and it would have cost around $25 (oh noez) for the gunsmith to shorten it for me, so I bought the ATI stock for $40.
  11. Green Blue is GRAAAWffle
  12. Only first heard of Semper Fidelis a few days ago, didn't even know there was a thread on it until after I found out it was Soldner and checked out the PC section. Was going to pick it up, but the Wal-Mart was closing because they were opening up a Super Wal-Mart down the road, and ammo was super cheap. Most likely going to buy it on my next visit, unless something else catches my eye.
  13. First heard about the game yesterday from someone. Sounded pretty good, at least worth a trip to go check it out. Walked into Wal-Mart this morning, found it, looked at the pictures- Dubya Tee Eff? Soldner? Scanned down for the dev/pub....... JoWood. Ahhh Long story short, I walked outta Wal-Mart with a few boxes of 9mm
  14. Quickie Geforce 6800 128MB, 84.56 P4 2.8Ghz 2GB DDR PC3200 800x600, 10-20 FPS, all settings low/off
  15. Does that have anything to do with Margaret Thatcher?
  16. http://www.konami.jp/kojima_pro/e3_2006/
  17. Can I post my 2nd receipt, even though it's for a refund?
  18. Went to a game store this morning when I was out of town. The owners were too busy playing the demo, and were ignoring all the customers, at least the ones not crowding around the PC's running it.
  19. Right now, my 6800 is at 59 degrees Celsius, and I haven't even played any games this morning.
  20. I say at least 10,200 before launch. *bets boots*
  21. IIRC, the Mexican Army was going to adopted the G36 but it was too costly, so they are going to have a new weapon built. Of course, you know how teh internets work....
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