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  1. I will be buying both. Both will have thier differences but offer good gameplay to those looking for some...
  2. CSS is only multiplayer. Shame no mods out there that put the CSS weapons into Half Life 2. Would love to introduce Mr.AK47 to some Combines....
  3. The link for the VITAPC seems to be down
  4. Too bad you can't mix it up. Like firing pistols left handed and rifles right handed....
  5. Happy New Year!!! *hope this isn't my last* ....some people are firing shotguns into the air....
  6. Got any models of the XCR by Robarm's? Love how it kind of looks like a UMP and M4 combination. SCAR doesn't look that bad either...
  7. Thanks for the links. Ordered my copy from Gogamer through Amazon, should be sent out next year....er....in 5 days. Now I have to start reading past threads on which mods/maps to download.
  8. Anyone know where to buy the Game of the year edition really cheap? It would really help me out if the place also took money orders or checks... I can only find the expansion pack in the surrounding cities and it's $26:(
  9. CD Rom Have two disc drives and neither are DVD.
  10. These videos should help out a bit.... http://otcs.bigpushproductions.com/videos.php
  11. Season 4 starts next week....
  12. http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/12/29/news_6115594.html
  13. If it wasn't for the shotguns, sub machine guns and havoks physics engine, I would have stopped playing CSS a while back. I usually play on the most populated servers and change rooms frequently. Some servers are really good until the admins start using cheats and ejecting anyone who complains about them doing so.
  14. He forgot to go to a dog park and chase a few chiuaua's or ran up a set of escalators.
  15. I agree Can hardly wait for MGS4
  16. I play it daily. Like any game, some days you do really good and some days you really suck. I just hate that the hit detection can be a bit iffy at times. You blast someone in the chest point blank with a shotgun, but they kill you first with 2-3 shots. Press the "tilde" key (` or ~) and it shows the damage you did as 20-30.
  17. Zantar45

    Cool AA movie

    Nice. Looked like FSW with some of the camera work.
  18. Not really GR2 related but it's about Bill Brown. Mentioned in GameInformer magazine issue #141, Bill Brown will be doing the music for the upcoming Incredible Hulk videogame that should be released sometime in Q3 2005. *Gotta fire up ye olde scan'o'tronmeter* didn't notice the radiation sticker till now.... Gamespot blurb
  19. Defragging might help. I was getting long loading times until I defragged, now they have been shortend. They are still there though.
  20. Speaking of hi jacking sigs....
  21. the horror...... the horror...... :no:
  22. Barcodes, gotta love'em. I remember when a few people were trying to see how many quotes it took until something broke
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