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  1. Ya know, Che Guevera is still alive and well. Suprised the media hasn't picked up on that major tidbit of news...
  2. "This just in, Coalition Special Forces raid insurgent hideout..."
  3. 2>1 Unless the 1 is Steven Seagal, because Seagal is the one...
  4. Not even a single player option in the game. However, you can select LAN and play by yourself against the AI in the co-op missions. No idea about mods, haven't played JO since October/November.
  5. See him here almost daily. Kinda hard to miss the aqua blue/green RSE names.
  6. Zantar45


    Looks pretty good.
  7. If there was third person view for online play in the PS2 version, there would have been even more sales.
  8. Now that you have to be connected to play the games online, you never know...
  9. I do the exact same thing when I have a character modeled/named after myself and he gets wounded/killed in front of me.
  10. Are the Steam message boards down for anyone else? Some reason I keep getting the "You don't have permission to access these boards..." webpage. Was using the "sv_cheats" on my own server tonight to test out the bots and gravity settings. Hopefully I wasn't banned for something as silly as that.
  11. Looked like someone got nailed in the helmet by something...
  12. Heard about that yesterday also. One of the reasons they are selling them, is to raise money to buy new equipment and replace old sidearms, some which are around 8-10 years old. It's nothing new really and it does help out departments that need better stuff but can afford it do to budget/fund cuts.
  13. Not a good idea for those that get mad easily when they die in online games...
  14. More about EA then Ubi but still, you can't ignore stuff like this. http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/01/17/news_6116473.html Not to mention they already bought the licenses to the AFL about a week ago. From the outside, it looks even more like there are reprecussions to anyone trying to "challenge" EA.
  15. Ah nuts Not going to be able to get on tonight, gotta go do stuff. =/
  16. Installed it last night. I haven't really noticed any problems yet, except it takes a little bit longer to start up.
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