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  1. Someone needs to lock up The Nuge, he's eating people again.
  2. A trailer for the game is out. http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=1483 Looking good
  3. Well it's over. Definitely a new experience. Sat by quietly while most argued during the jury deliberations. According to the law, the defendant wasn't guilty... but what we found at the end was that the person was still going away for weapon charges in another case. Every person has their day in the sun lol
  4. Zantar45


    ack! It didn't stick in my head but made me think of Badger Badger, now I can't get the badger to stop
  5. Has to be Enchilada casseroles my mom makes. Nothing extraordinary to make them, just regular store bought items but are they oh so good.
  6. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...15511_2005feb10 A fine example why it's sometimes important to throw a few lies/exaggerations into your stories- so they can't pin ya down as the mystery person blogging. ....Back to my cruddy job at Playboy....
  7. drats They confirmed it, gotta go in on Monday. Someones gonna be guilty....
  8. Either way doesn't matter to me, but if they are going to look horrible, I would rather not have them. ...They are considered eye candy for a reason.
  9. Same here. My game purchases aren't based on blood'n'gore (if so I would have Unreal/Postal/etc by now). I still just find it odd that most Ubi titles lately have been Mature rated, yet GR isn't. Just one of those things you notice. *forgets point* *shruggs*
  10. Got the mod earlier, it's pretty good. Hopefully they fix some of the problems in the next update.
  11. I feel as if a little part of me dies each time I see GR2 rated "T" for teen amongst other Ubi titles rated "M" for mature.
  12. Nice Those weapons sure do look like they have been used alot. FPWV with fingerless gloved hands always make me feel like I'm playing as a crazy hobo with a assault rifle.
  13. ah, wrong calendar It's on Monday, not Tuesday. Would've been pretty interesting if I showed up there on Tuesday for Monday. lol
  14. I'm not going to try and get out of it. Luckily they have a one day/one trial here, so when I call in, if they cancel I don't have to go at all.
  15. Thats what everyone keeps telling me to do. Hopefully since next Tuesday MONDAY is Valentines Day, they will call it off. *knock on wood* I'm just glad some of the bigger cases around here have already had their Jury selections. Last thing I want is to be in one of those cases that drags on for several months, especially since they (usually) only pay 15-25 cents per mile you travel and I don't live no further then 2 miles. Of course, if it were big like the MJ trial, I could probably make some change with my own book...
  16. Was joking around about Jury Duty and I got a Jury Summons in the mail today. Of all days it starts- Valentines day. Luckily nothing that bad has happend in this area for awhile so it shouldn't be that long...
  17. Oddly enough, it didn't really taste like Mandarin Oranges
  18. Thats just crazy ... I mean insane ..... err uh... boo
  19. Dragon Models Ltd http://www.dragonmodelsltd.com/html/71092-2.html http://www.dragonmodelsltd.com/html/71093-2.html Pretty hard to track them down now, they still pop up from time to time on various sites for $5.99-$19.99
  20. Started digging around through the closet and found some of my Joe's. Chainsaw weilding Aussie with Sgt Savage and Dusty about to attack Vega, Septic tank repair man beating up a amputee for Vega's love, Vega playing the Bachelorette and Ninjas rock over no name space pirates. Sgt. Savage not too happy with Vega stealing his helmet.... *alot of free time if it isn't obvious*
  21. Those ain't mine, found it off Google... But the one below is my latest 1:6 kitbash- "poor man's" MGS3 Big Boss
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