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  1. Gamespot Sounds like something to keep a eye out for.
  2. I have heard that a few people with GeForce 4 MX cards get audio but no video (blacked out). When they say the game doesn't support the card, guess they mean it. Just got done playing. Runs smooth and pretty fun. Only problems I'm noticing are team mates getting hooked up on objects in buildings, Germans shooting through walls and team mates not being able to shoot through windows at targets in upper floors (out of window at another window).
  3. Just picked mine up a little bit ago. Gonna browse around on various boards before installing it. Last thing I want to do is open it up and findout I can't play it for some reason. Gamestop won't take back PC games if they have been opened, doesn't matter if they don't work on your PC or not...
  4. Zantar45

    E3 Expo

    Ahh.... I have a chance of being selected to go. Problem is, you have to make something that shows why you deserve to be picked. (video, essay,etc) One of my life goals to go there but without having to make myself look like a fool *sneaks into box*
  5. Isn't that clip from Afghanistan?
  6. Sure about it being CD-Rom? They have DVD-Rom x4 as a minimum requirement on the official site and Ubi support page
  7. They are reporting that he shot and killed a US Customs Agent this morning and stole his truck.
  8. ??? Just noticed one of the requirements is a DVD-Rom.... Anyone know if they plan on making a CD-Rom version?
  9. Agree It might also help to have the Deputies in the courtroom use those smart scan pistols or something. If no handcuffs, they should have the Defendent wear leg cuffs secured to a metal ring in the floor. From the Jurors box, you can't really see under the tables anyways. When I was on jury duty, there were several times the Deputy was standing right next to the defendent, helping the witness get into or out of the witness box and the other Deputy was reading a book or browsing Ebay. The Defendent could have easily grabbed her pistol...
  10. Ahhhh Gotta sign up to view the info quick, give me your login name & pw so I can see it....
  11. Also noticed the date change today when I went in to reserve BiA. Before it said June, now it says May....
  12. Guess it's a bad idea to litter when camping out....
  13. Socom II is dirt cheap now, saw a copy yesterday for $14. Might aswell scoop it up. Just don't buy a HDD, unless you want a expensive paperweight, doorstop, or a loved one needs a bit of added weight for their purse/bag and a brick just won't do.
  14. Local EB Games has 6/03/05 as the release date and the Gamestop has 6/01/05.
  15. awesome All he needs to do now is attach some smoke devices to the bottom of the bottom/top of the ballons.
  16. Zantar45


    Now we won't have to wait for EA to take over Ubi to get athletes in our action games. Wonder how far Frette Barve* can toss a hand grenade? *EA owns NFL player licenses*
  17. Old news Check the other 5,000 posts below yours talking about it OMG, welcome to last week n00b! sorry, thought this was a different message board. Really looking forward to single player missions. As for multiplayer I hope there will finally be online co-op and more host options.
  18. Thought I was only going to need more Ram, guess I'm gonna need a vid card aswell.
  19. Gamespot says it will be made for the PC, PS2 and Xbox.
  20. Fat chance of anyone buying it since they announced Socom 3 for the PS2. From what I know, a whole lot of PS2 gamers prefer third person shooters over first.
  21. Guess I'm not the only one thinking Ubi will charge full price for it? Would be shocking if it was free like the PC version.
  22. Missed the first hour and a half of it. Luckily they are going to show it again on Feb 25th or so they say.
  23. What is in the update now? Uninstalled AA awhile after V2.2 came out due to constant PB kicks.
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