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  1. Funny little thing, on the Ubi mainsite, the GR2 section for PC has been taken down but on the Ubi Italy site, it's still up. Too Italy! *Edit* Ah, I see it's still up for the UK section aswell. Euro exclusive?
  2. http://www.theboxotruth.com/ Quick google result of course.
  3. Didn't even know about that until I read the post. Guess it was pointless to restart all those times when a team mate was killed. Now I can blaze through the hardest difficulty without worrying too much.
  4. Speaking of the PSP, Gamespot is going to go on air live at 11pm PST today for the release of the PSP. http://www.gamespot.com/features/psplaunch05/index.html About 7-8 hours until launch if anyones interested. ....I hear Nokia is going to release another N-Gage. Maybe third times a charm....
  5. I say they all just start buying Mini 14's.... ...maybe add a "X" to it and give it a clear stock.... see, now it's invisible..... first stealth gun.....
  6. Gamespot has some gameplay videos up for it and a hands on preview http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/elitewar...tnam/index.html Looks pretty good. A bit freaky though seeing the team mates scurrying around on all fours....
  7. Zantar45

    GR2 PC

    ....mustard gas.....
  8. Was messing around earlier today with the weapons and seeing how many shots it takes at various distances to kill. After I was all done, I noticed that the enemies seem to die quicker in the harder difficulties then on the easier ones (seemed like it anyways). Usually it's the other way around in games. It could probably explain why they sometimes survive in those up close shoot outs. *shrugs*
  9. What is GR2? Never heard of it Stop making stuff up I demand proof of this "GR2" :"Oh. no. 2. is. down."
  10. I'm sure it's a random thing in all games but not impossible. (similar thing happend to my bro when he played the other day) Kinda like GR when you would sometimes kill someone by shooting them 1-2 times in the leg/foot with a pistol.
  11. About the stopping power, I shot a Nazi once in the thigh with a MP40 and killed him. Later on I unloaded 5 rounds pointblank from my Garand into one and he didn't die. While I was trying to reload he ran up and riflebutted me. lol Suprised the German weapons are more effective then the US. Every chance I get, I pick one up.
  12. Ahh, took like 5 seconds on the Nascar open chat to find out it was Jonh Micheal Montgomery. oh boy... http://www.thatsracin.com/mld/thatsracin/11141319.htm http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1364214/posts http://www.catchfence.com/press/031505.html
  13. ....Was so bad they took the camera off him. All I caught was a glimpse of a guy in a cowboy hat, black shirt and shades. I think he was even holding up a card with the anthem written on it.
  14. Wonder if GR2 will be a add-on mission pack for the PC GR3. So GR3, then several months later the GR2 add-on is released while GR4 ships out for the consoles. Thats what just keeps popping into my head, hopefully I'm wrong.
  15. So, when is the GR2 PC section going to be taken down and GR3 put up?
  16. After all these years, wonder if she got reimbursed for that gate? Look forward to future GR's on the PC (if any) but not anxiously waiting anymore. I think the feeling to stand in line much like a Star Wars fan has left me. Now I'm a little bit dead inside... ...wonder if I can sue for that.... *calls up lawyer* Got to love California
  17. Ah, I get it now PC "GR3" = port of PS2 & Xbox GR2 PS2 "GR3" = port of Xbox GR2 Xbox "GR3" = Brand new GR GC "GR3" = Box of mini AOL discs with GR3 written on them Makes perfect sense...
  18. Zantar45

    E3 Expo

    Don't know if they still do it, but you used to be able to sign up and have a chance of being invited to attend. It's mostly for those that are in the area or will be in the area.
  19. Don't suppose "GR3" is going to be a combination of the PS2 and Xbox GR2... bah, forget GR, I can hardly wait to get my hands on 187 Ride or Die!
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