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  1. Chems Dan WK Whisper_44 Sart Rebar Zeko Avey Zantar
  2. Rocky, post any death threats you get for canceling GR2 on us.
  3. So..... when is the "GR2 General PC" section of the forums going to be taken down? Wonder if "GR2" will be a future add-on / expansion for the PC version of GR3?
  4. About time something is said. Can't really say I'm suprised. So glad I can collect the money I bet on it not coming out for PC and can cancel my reservation. Now I got $60 to spend on BF2. Can already imagine it, November 2005 Xbox GR3 releases, month later PS2 GR3 release, 7 months later PC GR3 canceled due to GR4 being on the horizon.... Back to CSS I guess.
  5. Going to build a house out of matchsticks. Will probably be done before GR2 is released.
  6. Very very interesting. Hopefully legitiment players aren't banned solely on the videos. Can't name all the times I've seen players take the same route, do the same thing and get killed by the same person the same way. The map CS office is a good example. Everyone knows there is going to be a sniper in the hall, past the soda machines, behind that little part of the wall, barely exposed.
  7. Hopefull aty E3 it's shown then. *crosses fingers*
  8. Wasn't GR2 shown last year at E3? ....or will it be so different they have to show it again....
  9. the site is funny and unbelievably he answers them! ← "I don't answer gay questions. Especially from girls. It wouldn't be right."
  10. Of course. They should have gone all the way with it and implemented those things in a patch. The next day they could have released the fix, for those CSers that didn't shoot themselves.
  11. The silence is killing me. A simple Yes, No or Maybe are fine. A +4 month old press release or comment won't do. By the silence, you would think they are making it into the next big PC title. ...That is if it is still being made.
  12. I reckon it's "Xtreme". ....XTREEEEEEEME!!!!!11ELEVEN111
  13. Gamespot also has it up to download. http://dlx.gamespot.com/pc/elitewarriorsvi..._download_image *edit* Just got done playing. Wow, it instantly made me think of GR but not GR, if that makes sense. I think I'm going to return a game I bought earlier today and get this instead.
  14. Reminds me of CS when teammates would go Ape###### if you picked up their weapon when they died and didn't give it to them the next round.
  15. Splinter Cell is out? I would have never known..... Thanks for informing me Ubi....
  16. Played the first demo before Acclaim went out of business and sold it to THQ. It was ok.... liked the music more then the game. Going to download demo two and see if it's any different.
  17. *nvm* Sounds good. Just got done letting Steam update. Hopefully it works like it's supposed to.
  18. I get about 19-22 FPS on Medium settings (but still runs smooth when going lower) Quick specs 2.8GHz 512Mb RAM Nvidia GeForce FX5200 Win XP Sp2
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