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  1. Found out yesterday the motherboard was fried.

    They are looking for a new one and it will only cost $60+labor once they find it. Now if none turn up, the cost will easily go over $300.

  2. Can't say moms too happy right now, not going to be any happier if a long distance bill to Iraq somehow shows up in the mail.... :blink:

    Luckily the PC repair guy is good with his prices, only bad thing is making an appointment, always booked up and away on business.

  3. Just got back.

    From the looks of it, my sister killed it.

    Two weeks ago she did the same to her own PC.

    Both PC's were 5 years old and had a 56k connection, my sister would talk +5 hours daily over AIM, browse the web and use a headset to talk to her husband all at the same time.

    She burned out her motherboard and processor, and it appears to have happend to my mom's PC.

    Taking it to a repair shop tomorrow.

  4. Hey all, need a bit of help if anyone would be so kind.

    Got a call a few minutes ago from my mom because her PC isn't working and I have no clue whats wrong...

    Here's what I know so far from the phone call,

    -When PC is powered on, skips Windows start up screen, goes straight to desktop

    -No icons, taskbar, start menu, nothing

    -Only thing showing is the desktop picture, and a black/silver border around it

    -Can move mouse arrow/cursor

    -Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't work

    Fuzzy Specs

    HP Pavilion

    Intel 1.5Ghz

    Win Xp Sp1


    (more on demand later)

    Was working fine this morning (checked my email while over there), guessing my sister might have downloaded a virus when she was using AIM to talk to her husband in Iraq...

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

    Heading on over right now to look at it (as if I know what I'm doing)


  5. Didn't catch the Nitro mag part, was thinking Nitro Hevi Shot.

    Was gonna ask for a few boxes if you were just burning through the $60 a box stuff.


    I was wearing jeans, a grey t shirt, black boots, a black Benelli cap, ESS eye wear, and AOS ears with orange plugs under them. I ate a burger and two hot dogs with turkey franks. Ketchup on all of them, but a bit of mustard on one of the franks. I think the rolls were potato rolls. I'll try and track down who bought the buns and report back to you on that one.

    Ah.... but at what time would the midnight train from Ontario reach Hawaii on the 31st of February?


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