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  1. Awesome, He-Man! I think if I had the rig your teammate had and I couldn't play, I'd probably or or . Sound card drivers have to be one of the most overlooked things when having game problems. ← ROFL me too
  2. Ok, so my teammate has an SLi (2x 7800gtx), 2 gig ram, 64 bit 4000 amd (i think), PC Power and Cooling 510 Sli, and dell's 30" widescreen monitor, which runs natively at 2560 x 1600. anyhow he starts up graw, it goes to black screen, then crashes to desktop. he's got the latest drivers, both mobo and video and tried custom setting his res natively and to lesser resolutions. his refresh hz is set to match his monitor as well. the weird thing is, he's had problems w/this since he got it in certain games. out of nowwhere, he went from not being able to run RvS (same problem) to being able to play RvS and GRAW doing it. Any suggestions/ideas?
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