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  1. I have purchesed every Clancy game to go gold for PC, I used to run a site dedicated to the Clancy games specifically modding RS, I worked with Pain from @WAR on mods (Glad he will never have to see the crap they call GR now) played for a few so called clans but after all the BS that ubi has pushed out under the good name Red Strom built I am done with it all. I still play GR, sometimes I load up old school RS, hell I even kind of enjoyed GRAW for a little while but now with this latest release I just want to puke. So many games are going to be out this fall that I dont see the need to play this so called tek shooter that we would all hate if it didnt have the Clancy name on it. Hell I downloaded the Quake Wars: Enemy Territory demo and it was 100000 times more fun the GRAW2. COD:4 Modern Warfare will be out in a month and all I can say if wow! Sorry Grin but just like last time you dropped the ball. Only this time whats your excuse? No serverside map downloads, Bugs still from beta, jaggs on everything, high PC specs for medium eye candy, crappy mp and even worse coop, small wep selection, ###### poor class options, crappy server options and the list goes on for days. You should be ashamed to take a AAA title that was a for sure hit and blow it both times. I had high hopes for graw2 and all I got was CRAP2.
  2. not true check out the body armor in use now in the us military. Multiple plates and decent side panel support or even better yet check out the link below. I saw this stuff stop 2 high power rifle shots before giving out on the third, saw it stop 6 rounds of 7.62 and 8+ 9mm with min impact on vital organs and soft tissue by the way it disperses the bullets impact energy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Skin_body_armor the vest repelled nine rounds of pointed steel ammunition from an AK-47 and 35 rounds of 9 mm, all fired into a 10-by-12-inch configuration on the vest. In "Test Lab", also on the History Channel, the vest withstood a total of 120 rounds, fired from both an AK-47 (7.62 × 39 mm) and MP5 (9 x 19 mm). In another demonstration on the Discovery Channel series "Future Weapons", a Dragon Skin vest withstood numerous rounds from an AK-47, an MP5, and an M4 carbine (5.56 x 45 mm), and a point-blank detonation of an M67 grenade. While the vest was heavily damaged (mainly by the grenade), there was no penetration of the actual armor. Fresno test Fresno, CA police officers ordered it after a vest stopped all the bullets fired during a test, including .308 rounds from a sniper rifle and 30 rounds from a fully automatic MP-5 fired from 5 feet away. Ninety-eight federal, state, and local law enforcement officers witnessed the SWAT test. The armor also stopped 40 rounds of PS-M1943 mild steel core bullets from an AK-47 along with 200 9 mm FMJ military ball bullets fired from a submachine gun.[5] [edit] December 2006 test On December 7, 2006 a demonstrational shoot for the following departments took place on a 10" x 12" SOV-2000 Level III panel: Saint Charles Parish Sheriff's SWAT, Saint John's Parish Sheriff's SWAT, Gretna PD, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's SWAT, LaCruz Parish Sheriff's SWAT, Ascension Parish Sheriff's SWAT, Coast Guard Investigative Services, US Navy. A total of 17 rounds were fired into the panel without penetration. 3 @ 7.62x51 mm Federal Match 3 @ 7.62x39 mm Military Ball 3 @ 5.56x45 mm M193 Ball 3 @ 5.56x45 mm M193 Ball at 45 degrees 2 @ 5.56x45 mm M855 Green Tip 2 @ 5.56x45 mm Bonded M193 1 @ 7.62x51 mm Federal Bonded BTW Grin way to go on GRAW2....fantastic turn around from GRAW. Looks, plays feels like a new game with all the things I love!
  3. dual amd x2 2.5 gigs ram 7600GT 512 vid card all settings maxed I get 40 - 55 fps
  4. Man I am so ready for this to be released! COME ON FP GIVE US THE GOODIES!
  5. In CoD2 it depends on how high the admin set the quality for the in game chat, but yeah most the time its not worth it. Man I think I have seen you around to, you use j-man in cod2?
  6. I want to take the auto map download a step further. Make it like cod series; downlaod the map and the game autorestarts with out having to load the whole game. Give us what RS gave the console version: Jungle maps, Beach maps, lush forrests and the ability to customize the gametypes for endless variation and options. Give us a viable modding system. Give us the ability to activate and deactivate mods from within the game. Give us a way to script missions without all the hassle that we have to go through now. Give us random spawn points for AI and give us a way to do complex math so we can make our own ways to track kills and set up new objectives depending on the forulas like IGOR did. Guilli suit and some undergowth to hide in...PLEASE!!!! Fix all the jaggies and increase the draw distance from 150 to 300+ so all the sissy snipers can have some fun to.
  7. Google CLick Teams bro They have a free installer that you can use, not to mention you can pull the users install location from the registry. We used to use it back in the RS GR days.
  8. I hate consoles but I am tempted to get an XBox so I can play its version of GRAW.
  9. Did you just call me a UBI forum !?!?!?!?!?! Those are fighting words.
  10. LOL ! Yeah I am always of key so I can understand
  11. Maybe if you would have read my entire post you would understand what I was trying to say. Why do we have these massive system requirements for a game that has a ton of jaggies and honestly is not as graphically appealing as other series. I still play the game and still enjoy it even with all its flaws, I was just trying to give an example of why we only see a few hundred poeple online during peak hours.
  12. unwritt3n I can understand your frustration after getting the shaft with GR2 and then getting GRAW and it not’t quite live up to the Ghost Recon title. I hope you will come back after/if they release another patch to fix the game and making it playable again. I think we might see more players come online after Christmas when they can get PC upgrades and can run the game above 16 fps. The thing that I don't understand is the steep PC requirements for ok - good graphics, GRAW does look good except for all the jaggies that plague the game and the lighting still looks funny even after playing this long. Look at CoD2, it has fantastic graphics that will run smooth on mid level PCs thus allowing more people to run the game. Not to mention that the CoD series didn’t ship with half ass MP. Don’t get me wrong I love GRAW and will play it for sometime if they can fix all the damn bugs that we submitted during beta testing and that were fixed in the beta 3 release and somehow where still broke in the official patch release. I would also like to see the game get the [GR] play any mission in COOP, Mission or firefight and another great change would be adding a menu to enable disable mods. On a side note I will by the next game released by Grin now that they have seen what is needed to make a hit PC game.
  13. Well that just sucks! Another instance of how not showing other people respect can hurt our community and alienate the ones who try to help make our game and our community better. It is very simple people, argue your points and debate away but when you cant backup your option with fact then stop stooping to the personal attacks and building straw men to validate your point of view.
  14. I will release the updated module this weekend. I was planning on finishing up version 1.8 that would work with the latest patch but I ended up having to go to Alabama to set up a network. Anyway check back on Sat afternoon and the newest release should be out.
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