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  1. thanks whiteknight. i picked GRWallpaper002.jpg for my desktop.
  2. thanks guys. just wish i didn't have to work all day and night on my birthday
  3. nice scores ranger. i myself have given up trying to improve my benchmark score.
  4. i have always used this site for video drivers and utilities. http://www.guru3d.com/
  5. i was wondering when we might move on lol. those were very tough indead.
  6. this week has been so busy i haven't even been playing on our server. but hopefully this weekend i will take you up on your offer.
  7. oh ya... be prepared for rates between 16 - 26%
  8. silenced weapons do not show up on the threat indicator when fired and reduce or eliminate mussle flash, so the are more effective for stealth purposes. but always be warry of the command map and sensor use online. you may be able to sneak up on an enemy but there is a good chance he already knows you are coming and is getting ready .
  9. XRW_Hotdog

    Free Fall

    omg that is too funny
  10. i have an audigy gamer and i am more then happy with it. mind you i didn't really notice any difference then the intergrated audio before the upgrade.
  11. dude prodigy rocks! i love smack-my-[explicative]-up especially the part when you hear the enya-esque chick wailin on the high octaves. yo hotdog, check out this site i made for a buddy's counter-strike clan homepage. it uses that song nice job on the site layout. but i loaded and reloaded the intro page and it just wouldn't run. i seem to have problems with flash intros on some pages.
  12. i think there is an SVD in almost the middle of that pile.
  13. ok that is just wrong! that is a must have for any paintball or gun lover. why would you torment me with such a thing i cannot have?
  14. right now we are running DS, IT and HX4. our team is working on a mod that should be ready in about a week though. when its ready it will be posted here.
  15. what type of gun is it ronin? i have a Tippman 98 with a few extras and a nice custom paint job.
  16. my two favorite techno groups are The Chemical Brothers and The Crystal Method. also i do like Prodigy but not sure if they are really techno...
  17. *ahem* Support GR.net yes you do get what you pay for. and i am happy to help support this website. being a webmaster myself i can totally appreciate the hard work Rocky puts into this fine site.
  18. for the most part it is the teams/clans that keep this game going strong, not individuals.
  19. once you get used to Xp you will wonder how you lived without it. i am running 16 months on this pc with Xp home and it hasn't crashed once or needed to be reformated.
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