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  1. you got that right snake. lovin my GF4 4200 Ti Turbo 128DDR. and paid $50 less for it then just a stock GF4 4200 Ti
  2. Third-person "sneak-em-up". It's clearly inspired by the Metal Gear games, but it has some fundamental differences. It's more 'realistic' (no boss battles, no funky robots, but your usual Tom Clancy story) and a lot more stealth-oriented. Whereas the Metal Gear games could be played largely as third-person shooters (which is good, lest the ton of weapons would go to waste), you'll be wise to avoid firefights in Splinter Cell. You do, however, get a wide array of nifty gadgets to help you in your 'aggressive intelligence-gathering' for the NSA. You can check out my XBox review here and my PC preview here. Definitely one of the best games I've played in a while, and a must-have if you're into the so-called 'tactical espionage' genre. (Which pretty much consists of the Metal Gear Solid games and Splinter Cell..) nice review daywanderer. this is one of my favourite parts to play over and over again.
  3. i hope most members will take the time to read the report. great job Rocky
  4. Hey, I resemble that remark! 30 is not old, 18 is just really young. And trust me, you'll be here before you know it. Seriously though, one of the best things about this forum, is the range of ages represented. lmol@Delta. that is so true, i hit 30 before i knew it.
  5. i have never cheated in a MP game. SP games (Max Payne, GTA3, The Thing) once i have beaten them and just want to mess around i will get cheats like unlimted ammo, all guns and superman codes to just run and gun. and like a lot of people, Delta Force 2 kind of turned me off FPS games for awhile due to all the cheating that was going on.
  6. lol fusaki i got ya beat. i had to walk to school in bare feet in the snow too.... but it was uphill..... both ways. where in T.O. you working? i am on a job just off Bayview and the 401 doing some stone work. and why aren't you using the airgun in this weather?
  7. ( Homer thinking as Santa's Little Helper runs down the street after former president Bush ) "Looks like someones barking up the wrong bush....." "Way to go Homer, smartest thing you will ever say and no one was around to hear it." DOH!
  8. XRW_Hotdog

    Raven Shield

    i played the demo for this game but i will never buy the game. the people i played on almost every server were rude, arrogant and for the most part just down right mean. i have never played an online game were people treat new players so poorly. the exerience from that has totally turned me off from this game.
  9. for now my gateway has been a great pc, no problems with any upgrades or installs as of yet. it is my 3rd store bought machine but it will be the last. everything that has been posted in the computer discussions section here has only made me want to build my next machine myself even more so. i'll just keep on reading what the 's have to say.
  10. i am at the point i have given up trying to tweak my system. it works very well so i won't mess it up. when i build a new machine maybe then
  11. i love the Simpsons i do believe i have seen every episode, the older ones many times over. the wife and i watch the reruns on satilite 2-3 times in the evening. All work and no play make Homer go something something.......
  12. i host my pics here major. http://thephotostation.net/index.php?s=
  13. those are awesome. i have 5 of them so far ( medic, ranger, sniper, delta and merc ) my fav though is my New Centry Elite Ranger Sniper "Roy"
  14. way too go for the 1000. and love that new avitar Rocky
  15. At the moment, we get a pretty steady 25 new members every day. I think that's pretty amazing for a year old game. I never really expected us to reach over 1000 with the new forums, it's great to see! wow i can't believe it, 1000+ members in about 6 weeks. that is pretty cool
  16. couldn't have said it any better Sgt.Crocodile
  17. i can understand how you feel shadow. Delta Force 2 was my first online shooter and the cheating was so bad on that game i stopped playing it after a month or so. i hadn't played another online shooter untill GR. i know there are cheaters out there but have only experienced them on our server twice in a year and they were dealt with accordingly. for this game i will tolerate the cheaters though because of the amazing community thats backs it.
  18. i have Xp Home and it has been great for all my gaming needs and even some website work.
  19. happy Birthday Conman yes it should!
  20. hope to see you sonn on the forums and our server xG5kdo, untill then take care.
  21. please tell me there is a cheat for Splinter Cell on xbox to get the rifle at the start of the game. by the way, how do you like working there now?
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