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  1. heck i have been wanting to go to a hospital for the last two weeks to get my arms checked ( i think i have tendenitis in both elbows ) but i am not going to the hospital untill they are clear.
  2. i am with fehyd on this one. i have had my speedpad for almost a year and would never go back to the keyboard for any fps game. here is a pic and link. Nostromo Speedpad
  3. here is mine... mind you i have deleted a few recently. but still a respectable 3.53 GB
  4. i have played both now and i can say that in my opinion Splinter Cell is better. for graphics and sound SC is tops for that, weapons and gadgets HM2 has the edge there, AI i think is better on SC, but like piccolo said "it is like compairing apples to oranges" one game you are a secret agent and you aren't really susposed to kill everyone, the other just kill everyone you can.
  5. ya but i love the way it looks i'll try it for a bit. thanks stinger.
  6. i believe without a doubt mankind must resort to space travel in order to survive in the future. man will overpopulate and drain the earths resources faster and faster. here is something i want to ask all of you... how many of you actually believe that the US has had men on the moon?
  7. i thought it was pretty good... mind you though i did a lot of stupid things like they do so i guess i can relate.
  8. you sure you really want to disable it?
  9. i like that top pick best stinger. my desktop is one from whiteknight's supply with the chopper just touching down your second one is cool terp.
  10. oh oh oh... i had the matrix screen saver on my last pc but lost it. can you send me a link to get it again please and thank you.
  11. this is so weird... i just heard something on the radio today about this exact topic where they said to put filters on your fan intakes to keep dust out and i thought what a good idea.
  12. I made coffee through Desert Storm!
  13. where exactly is area 51 ? never heard of it..indoor i presume. ever go up to claremont(north of pickering) and play up there at the outdoor place..damn the name escapes me...sgt. something maybe....anyways it's kool they have bunkers and all kinds of kool stuff..go for the whole day play a few games it rocks..haven't been there for a couple years though..i am dying to play paintball...i don't mind playing in the cold at all...easier to track your prey in the snow moakes2783 Posted on Feb 26 2003, 01:28 but what specifically is airsoft? I mean projectile-wise, what is being shot? (Something soft..and..air-like, no doubt) i believe this is the company that makes the guns argggghh why are the quotes not working area 51 is indoor and just north of the 401 and Dufferin near the home depot. i haven't been to that one yet but i have been to Sgt. Splatters indoor in scarborough and north york quite a few times. there is a place north of brooklin i have been to thats outdoor and really cool with deep woods ( can't remember the name either ) only problem playing paintball in cold weather... they freeze and its like being hit with a rock lmol. at this point when i get some time in march i want to play a few rounds indoor and get back into it for the summer.
  14. happy birthday shadow and happy belated to cobblers and the others i missed
  15. alright Schenkanator.... but what the heck is a fortnight?
  16. lol i saw the airsoft topic then i thought i should start a paintball topic... 3 lines down and cobblers beat me too it. i am dying to get out and play some paintball. i have my Tippman Model 98 primed and ready to go. but none of my friends want to play anymore. that and the -26*C weather (yes thats right) is kind of a deterent right now. i may give in and go to Area 51 in Toronto soon.
  17. there is never enough money lol. all my systems in my cars are bits and pieces i save up for every year. now this year i hope is my year to get a 1st place in spl in ontario. just got my new truck and should be doing the audio this weekend coming up.
  18. i found the 4200 Ti Turbo at an online store for $289 (lost the link though) and the MSI 4200 Ti at the new Bestbuy here was going for $339 after Xmas. and for Canadian that not bad at all.
  19. there are so many times in that game i am just blown away by the lighting effects.
  20. XRW_Hotdog

    Pirate Joke

    omg cobblers that was funny. i needed a good laugh, thanks
  21. Splinter Cell on XBox hooked up to Dolby Digital 5.1 is unreal.
  22. way to go stinger. now if you need any advice on car audio, i am the man to ask.
  23. we have our own grid map that our whole team uses for GR, DS and IT. and as nightcrawler stated as a team we want it and use it well. i had never really considered it cheating.
  24. outlaw guns and only outlaws will have them. thats the way it will always be. i don't believe this statement is entirely true anymore.
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