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  1. i am exactly the same on that. love sc on xbox can't play gr on it though
  2. i cannot believe how good these glasses must be to have you going off like this Rocky. looks like i need to pick up some new very soon lol hmmmm something just occured to me... with the exchange rate for these it is going to run well over $100 canadian for me may have to wait another paycheck or two lol
  3. never used the oicw, sniper 99% of the time. any other time i use a rifleman with an M4
  4. post your email addy and i can send it to you if you like.
  5. i remember there being something called a "gore update" not sure if it is still around though. be worth looking into after searching my files i found i still have the folder with the update. if you would like to try it i can email it to you.
  6. hmmmmmmmmmmm guess it wasn't our fault after all
  7. ok yes some ar's have scopes, but in the kit selection its shows the scope. if the gun has no scope it should have no zoom capabilities just like the hand guns.
  8. i do not want to see anyone being able to run full speed at full zoom... if you run your scope should go back to zero. and i do not want automatic rifles that are as accurate at long range as the sniper rifles. whats the point of being a sniper if a rifleman with an M4 can be just as good at sniping?
  9. i wouldn't want to climb a tree to snipe. i just want better ground cover so i can actually conceal myself to get a few kills before having to move again.
  10. wow looks like i will have to update my end again. lol thanks for the revision zjj
  11. ok here is what i have found. after a few years of using smaller and smaller headsets i got fed up. they may sound of to an extent but cannot reproduce any sort of bass that the larger (earmuff) style headphones you can get for stereos still. i spent months checking all kinds of electronics stores to no avail. the last place i checked was Radio Shack in a mall near me and to my surprise they had in stock a large earmuff style headset with a great flexible boom mic. Woooohoooooo this set only cost $29 canadian and works and sounds great. they are extremely comforatable and cover my ears completely which is exactly what i wanted to help block out external noise of the wife watching tv or whatever so it enhances the sounds of the game without having to increase the volume to compensate.
  12. well at least you got it working Rocky with no ill effects. but that compressed air works wonders every few months.
  13. i have no idea really. this is just a Gateway that i have thrown a few upgrades into. how would i check the specs of my mobo?
  14. well i got it to work properly which is cool having the extra space to view programs and such. kind of weird though that the night before there was no option to have the second monitor work on its own... i even did two restarts that night. the next day the monitor proerties menu was completely different and it took a min to get it to work properly. and yes i have noticed a little decrease in f/r but it never drops below 30 so i am ok with it. actually the only reason i wanted to do this is so that when i am playing GR i can watch our server page and Team Speak list.
  15. LMOL.......... Havok that was great. and yes i concur. GO LEAFS GO
  16. yes that exatly what i want but so far i can only clone the two. they don't work seperately and i have yet to find an option that will let me do it.
  17. ok i just dug out a second monitor out of the closet and hooked it up to my gf4 4200. now the only way to make it work well is to go in nview and clone the display, no i thought you could make it so that one would show a game you are playing and the other running a program or just your desktop. i mean it is kind of cool having two monitors showing GR at the same time but it isn't what i was hoping for. what can be done if anything?
  18. walleye (pickerel here) is great for eating and pike is great for a good fight
  19. that was pretty cool but the song i can't quite put my finger on yet
  20. you guys never cease to amaze me... where do you find this stuff lol and do theses heatsinks and fans cost a lot?
  21. man do i miss fishing....... this winter up here in ontario is dragging out to the point many of us are going stir crazy lol. so you must catching black bass to be getting them that large right? up here a 4.7 lb bass would be huge lol. i think the largest i ever caught was 4.2 lb for a largemouth and 4.1 for a smallmouth. but i can't wait to go fishing when the season opens in june
  22. sounds like you need the patch gr_english_patch_21 to help get you online. you should be able to find it for download here. its about 45 mb though.
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