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  1. well i think that cpu is going to be way out of my price range here. i think i will be ok with the cpu i already picked.

    and today i picked up 2 80mm blue led fans and a 4 channel aluminum fan controller. i was going to get 2 more for the front but after putting the others in the case i think i will just get a 120mm fan. still need to get a good heatsink/fan for the cpu. any ideas?

  2. Ageed with poster....

    But there are some really cool ports from SOAF that noone ever plays, rare Frostbite rooms, and 10mm made some great new maps but are never up and running.

    Besides, GR is turning into CStrike...lots of sophmoric, team killing, no team work BS going on.

    Really hoping that GR2 is under way.

    Looking forward to Call of Duty

    no team work??? it is all about team work and definitely no tk'ing. plus our server still gets on average 20-25 players a night playing FLAVA 1.4. and our team is pushing close to 100 active members. this game is nowhere near dead yet :nono:

  3. thanks for all the tips guys... it is helping a lot. i was looking at heatsink fans today but wasn't sure what to get just yet.

    i did pick up my tower though, i got the Raid Max Scorpio in blue since the fans glow blue anyway. and they lowered the price of the tower from $99 last week to $69 this week. hoping the cpu will drop like that in the next few weeks lol :P

  4. i guess i have been in denial... even when i was getting my new mobo yesterday the, i was talking to the people there and they said the ATI cards are out selling all the Nvidia ones now. and he was telling me how they are out performing the FX cards as well. who knows maybe the xmas it is time for a change :shifty:

  5. ya i based this on the mainboard so i can build around it later. and as for the cases, i decided to go with the black atx. it has 2 less fans (which i can pick up cheap anytime) it doesn't come with a power supply and thats ok cause i just bought a 350 watt about 4 months ago. so i can't really justify $300 on just a tower at this point.

    just wish the P4 3.2ghz wasn't so much. :wacko:

    also i am not looking forward to reformating my hd for the new system... wish there was away to just plug it in and go

  6. ok i just bought my mainboard today:

    MSI 865PE Neo2

    Special Features

    • Intel Hyper-Threading Technology

    • Dual-Channel DDR400/333/266 Memory Bus (6.4GB/S Memory Bandwidth)

    • 800/533/400MHz FSB, 8X AGP, USB 2.0

    • Intel 82562EZ (10/100 LAN)

    • Serial ATA

    • MSI CoreCell chip, Live Update, Fuzzy Logic4, PC Alert, i-Speeder


    * Intel® Springdale 865PE Chipset

    - Supports FSB *400 (Northwood only)/533/800 MHz

    - Support Single or Dual channel DDR 400/333/266 non-ECC memory up to 4GB

    - Support AGP 8x or 4x at 0.8V (AGP 3.0) or 4x at 1.5V

    (not support 3.3V)

    * Intel® ICH5 Chipset

    - Integrated Hi-Speed USB 2.0 controller, 480Mb/sec, 8 ports

    - 2 Serial ATA/ 150 ports

    - 2 channel Ultra ATA 100 bus Master IDE controller

    - PCI Master v 2.3, I/O APIC

    - Supports both ACPI and legacy APM power management - Serial ATA/150


    * Support 400* (Northwood only)/533/800MHz Intel NetBurst micro-architecture bus.

    Main Memory

    * Supports 4 unbuffered DIMM of 2.5 Volt DDR SDRAM

    * Supports up to 4GB memory size with non-ECC

    * Supports Single or Dual Channel DDR 400*/333/266 MHz and up (*In order to use DDR 400, FSB 800 CPU is required).


    next pay will more then likely be my new processor P4 2.4ghz then after that 2 sticks of 512 Dual channel DDR 400 and a new tower with 5-6 fans depending on which one i go with. so it will be another 6 weeks or so before i get to use it lol but its starting.

    here is a pic of the tower i will more then likely be getting


    this is the tower i really want though


    only thing is the black one is $99 the silver is $269

    but so far the mainboard was $145 plus tax, CPU is going to cost $279 and the DDR is going to be $244. i am going to stick with my 2 harddrives for now my cdr and cd drives. i have a soundblaster gamer 5.1 card and a GF 4200 Ti Turbo. so this will cost well over $800 bucks to get my machine up and running and that is with the cheaper tower :wacko:

  7. I got Splinter Cell with my XBOX and i can't imagine playing it on the PC. The controls are so easy. I think it just depends on what you play the game on first. For example, I'm used to XBOX controls for SC but i can't play GR on the XBOX! <_<

    i am exactly the same on that. love sc on xbox can't play gr on it though :wacko:

  8. i cannot believe how good these glasses must be to have you going off like this Rocky. looks like i need to pick up some new :rocky: very soon lol

    hmmmm something just occured to me... with the exchange rate for these it is going to run well over $100 canadian for me :wall: may have to wait another paycheck or two lol

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