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  1. Yeh, GRIN definately needs to keep the military shooters rolling. I mean, atm. They're the one company making shooters I actually like. And getting of the evil Ubihook would surely be a good thing, but I know didley squat about finances so
  2. The Apaches can also be used against the APC's and stuff, that makes it a lot easier, I beat it with all meh guys up on the second floor covering all directions and myself on top of the stairs going nowhere. As others have, I spend a lot more time destroying the two Artillery things on the way to the embassy, than I did defendin the embassy.
  3. hmm I allways bring a zeus, and a GL. And I allways have at least one more of meh teammates bring a zeus (AI teammates that is, can't control COOP ones ) .. also it would sort of take away from the immersion "you're going into unknown terrirory here, but a little bird sang and we know there'll be two tanks, a helo, four APC's and a coupple of jeeps"
  4. yeah i hope so cus they got a lot of work to do to save this game... Oh C'mon, someone makes a thread wishing for GRIN to have had a lovely vacation and it takes what, 5 nanoseconds for someone to begin whining...
  5. Oh, damn, missed that. Well, that's definately not right, and yeh, let's wait for system specs and see. I was thinking that I had somehow missed some awesome training part of the game
  6. Hmm, I simply started the game, then after running along the highway for a while he gives you the first waypoint, then I went there, and he talks about draft winds making the team scatter all over the place, and then you get three waypoints and I went to those. Maybe you're trying to get to the WP on top of the highway? Have you tried heading down the stairs on the right hand side of the highway and then onto the catwalk?
  7. If by training you mean the beginning of lvl 1, then just go on with the mission, no matter if you shoot or shoot not, slide or slide not ect. He'll give you the next "training guide briefing" when you get closer to the different teammates. So don't worry about it
  8. I just put my men in the tunnel and sprinted around untill one of the choppers was hovering, emptied a mag in it, rinse and repeat, took both choppers down that way. Had around 14 bullets left for the remainder of the mission, I actually got very friendly with my M9
  9. Well, I'm sure we can all agree that this game is in need of some dev love indeed, it truly is, but, in my oppinion this is still, even if the devs vanished of the face of the eart, a strong contender for my shooter of the year, actually ATM it is my shooter of the year hands down. And I mean the devs haven't mysteriously completely vanished, as many devs and publishers seems to do after release, they're on vacation, some things point to them allready testing the MP update and a few of them have actually been postin here even tho they are on vacation, in my mind that all points to a bright future of good support. And when they get back and read what we've all been going on about up in here, I'm sure we'll get AC, MP love and the tools to make this game live on and on. -Zor
  10. 1: More MP modes (DM and TDM is soarely missed at the moment, i love domination but we really need DM and TDM, and i wouldn't be sad at all to see HH, SAR, Siege ect.) 2: AC (Including replays) 3: Server tools (Dedicated, kick/ban/namefilters ect.) 4: Map tools (We'll both get all the open outdoors, small indoor ect maps we want, and GRIN will stop having to listen toeveryone whine whine whine about maps) 5: Mod tools (We all know this is what'll keep the game alive for a loong time, or at least this is part of it) 6: More SP modes (think lonewolf, firefight, hostage rescue ect.) 7: More guns, tho I'm more into getting more state of the art weaponry, I can't really imagine a super top trained elite special forces trooper using a M16A2 or the likes when you can get stuff like the HK 416, HK G36, SIG 556, also we need another sniper rifle or two, normal calibre sniper rifles that is, like the HK MSG-90, the CheyTag Intervention (which is actually designed as a light, long rage anti infantry sniper system, the Unique Alpine TPGI-1 with integrates silenced barrel and such. Also flashbangs and smoke nades would be cool (in SP also) but I figure they'd take a lot of additional programming to make the AI react properly. 8: Kit restriction for MP 9: A key bind to the scoreboard for MP 10: Expansion packs, and loads of'em
  11. Hmm, I think it differs from map to map, but there are definately less huge open spaces, on the other hand even crossing a street is enough open space to get you killed a lot of the time. So while there is technically a lot less open spaces, or, the "open spaces" are a lot smaller, they still feel as deadly. And there are plenty opens spaces in the SP maps, both the one with the strongpoints and the first lone wolf one made me feel very "in the open" and vulnerable. Also the time it takes to ready your weapon, the "no shooting while running" and the deadlyness of guns still keeps the pace slow.. i think... but it has been a long time since I played anything that resembled a tactical shooter, so it might just be the shock after playing games like FEAR, BF2 and such. I don't think is affects speed per se, but rather acuraccy and stability. If you sprint until your vitals are all mesed up and then try to full auto a group of enemies you'll be putting rounds all over the place. And yeh, as far as I can tell injuries has no effect on anything. (well exept you'll die faster) -Zor
  12. Ok, so after changing the objective from taking the plaza to taking down first one, then the remaining three scramblers, and doing that I get 2 tanks and my remaining 2 men, and I've allready used up my zeus, have 3 mag's left. Any one with some good tips on how to utilize the tanks in an effective manner. In the lvl where you rescue the tank crews I just snuck'em out of the base without much fight And I can't seem to get the plaza cleared with them.
  13. And hey look, [GR] still had a long lifespan even tho we didn't get mod tools right away patience, enjoy the SP and coop and wait for Replays, kick/ban options, mod tools and map tools and when they arrive we'll all be top trained and ready to kick ass all over the new maps with the new weapons all the while kicking and banning cheaters to the left and right
  14. Well here is hoping that the inhouse AC is effective, but still, what we really need is replays, that have allways been, and will probably still be for a long time, the best way to catch cheaters. That and the option to kick and ban, without that replays becomes pretty useless...
  15. I had that exact problem, try redoing the mission (load the last savegame on the mission before that one, or the first savegame on that mission) if that doesn't work I'd say start a new campaign, that's what I did and it worked 100%. -Zor
  16. I'm sorry but I disagree with you on just about anything, first of all, first to fight was so much more run'n'gun than GR:AW will ever be, it was linear, run'n'gun'ish and it (but that is personal preferrence) looked like sh** (even with 1600x1200 4xFSAA and the works), GR:AW looks better and has way more mood in 800x600 with trilinear filtering The tactical aspect of GR:AW is like, the mother of tactical games, when compared to FTF, and the comparison somewhat offends me With that said, [GR] wasn't as tactical as GR:AW is, the fact that you could actually run'n'gun a lot more, and that you was playing a demi-god capable of soul switching with your teammates somewhat made it less "real" and the amazing recoil-less guns of [GR] was also had a big hand in making it run'n'gun. But then again, it is all a matter of personal preference, to me GR:AW is everything I've been wanting for freggin years, it just needs some work on MP, which we all are pretty sure they're doing.. But I'm interested in what makes it "arcady" for you? and what makes it DM centric, we don't even have DM? -Zor
  17. I'll answer that for him, Nope, I don't think so at least, I'm guessing I'm near the end (from looking at the co-op levels and comparing that to what level I'm at) and I haven't gotten meh hands on anything new since lvl 2. But I can tell you that I'm falling more and more in love with each and every gun, exept the sniper, I find it somewhat weird for a small force doing the main battles in medium-short range lugging around a single shot anti materiel high caliber rifle, and firing it unsupported standing, ruins immersion for me. But the SCARs, the weird one (MC-R)... now that's what I'm talkin'bout
  18. I think you should view the ret dots popping out as how far the bullets might spread, might being the key word. I've seen a stray bullet here and there, but mostly they are more centered than the ret dots. Which seems like it is about right, you can still hit someone right in front of you on full auto (as you should be able to, but wouldn't if the bullets allways spread out as much as the ret dots), but shooting someone at long distance with full auto isn't your best bet. So I think it's working as intended. But then again I might be wrong -Zor
  19. Someone asked about lone wolf, there are actually a coupple of lone wolf missions in SP, first one is nighttime in a huge park and around the palace, very nice indeed, lots of prone crawling around and some fast action in the end. Other one is allmost completely the opposite, daytime in industrial area, lots of slicing pie, hiding behind boxes and taking long distance firefights with towers and the likes. They are both nice levels, and the ones with the team just keeps getting better and better... so I completely agree with the original poster, go buy this game, it is probably the shooter of the year and the more people buying it the better the support will be.
  20. Hmm, I actually think this is the best tactical shooter I've ever played. I mean, [GR] was great, but in terms of tactical gameplay it was _nothing_ compared to this beast of a tactical shooter. There is absolutely no chance in hell you can run'n'gun this game on hard, and as far as I can tell there'll be a lot less run'n'gun in MP as well, once they get it fixed. Oh well, on to the ups and downs. POSITIVITY: 1: It forces tactical gameplay upon you, as I wrote above there is not really much room for mistakes of any kind on hard, you can be the best damn twitcher in the world, and you'll still get p0wned if you try and run'n'gun it. 2: Au contraire to many people (at least so it would seem), I think the GFX are nice, agreed they're not the most breathtaking, stunning, awe inspiring ever, but it sure as hell gives a nice depiction of mexico city (and some suburbial poor areas), allbeit with not people at all. And it's running exellent on my 6800 GT AGP. 3: The AI kicks ass, I think most people complaining about the friendly AI is simply not getting it right. When you just set a waypoint for them with the green line going through walls, buildings and crap they will offcourse figure out on their own how to get there, just like a human being would if you told them "Go there" and pointed on a map. If you, on the other hand, draw out a route for them that tells them every step of the way, they'll do exactly as they're told. Besides that, they do a damn good job of providing 360 cover when they're given the space to do so. The enemy AI is, as far as I have seen, also great, it flanks, it takes cover, changes cover and calls for friends... no problems there. Admitted the aim of a run of the mill mexican soldier is very impressive, planting a GL shot in my forehead from sniping distance but then again, it happens very rarely so it might just be luck, just like when they player is sitting there with his SCAR + combat aim sniping away at 4-10 pixels moving around inside a red diamond. NEGATIVITY: well, we need SDK, Dedicated Servers and more MP modes... but for me, that is about it. The MP modes we have are great, great CO-OP and domination, in my oppinion, kicks BF gameplays ass, and is great great fun. So far this, and oblivion, and Condemned are the games of the year for me. Great ph00king work GRIN, and keep it up, give this game the support it deserves and it'll live more than long enough for you guys to take all the time you need for the (amazing I ecspect) sequel. -Zor
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