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  1. single player and coop is a 10! but mp is just not up to par (yet i hope) I would hope to revise this to a 10 in a few weeks/months rated 5
  2. never really that kind of tactical action other then coop tho
  3. to expand: really it is just a race to the area if u want to win the match. There is no aspect of teamplay that I have seen in the !4! active servers with the whopping 80 people online total! There is no sneaking to start because the area you are in flashes. Really the only reason I do not forsee Dom mode being any better in the future is because the lack of team play. A clan on one side would be fun, as they have external voice clients(Ventrilo, teamspeak) There is no team communication that I have seen. As i said, if the ENTIRE map was not a place your team could have I think it would be better. When I am an inch into another zone who says I want to take it over just yet? maybe I want to pass it by and take another, more usefull place? Remember this is all IMO so if u have counter arguments please share them. I just think there should be more options, some maps will work with dom, others with DM, etc... All these maps are not that great with a Dom mode.
  4. hmm, that blows, last time i buy D2D, thanks for information, but at this rate of game modes, coop and SP will be the only thing I play anyway.
  5. Does not take long to buy guns, I do not think Domination is fun, maybe sum type of control point like bf2 would be ok. As said before more game modes are needed. IMO Domination Mode blows...
  6. well one thing that i know is bs, when u play SP and u shoot sum1 in the head they fall and get up, if u shoot them in the hand they die.... I did not play much mp because I do not think it is that much fun, but I did notice alot of damge lag.
  7. seem to be less then 100 people playin online, I guess its the lack of MP games and maps
  8. no, hamachi emulates a lan network, gamespy is just what GRAW uses for multyplayer. In a sense it is hamachi, but it somes which the game and does not require others to download it. Just like any other MP game
  9. yay, D2D is ready, 2gb to go from a 2.33gb start! 700+kB/sec so not to long!
  10. awsome ideas, I know some games already use this(Flight Simulator 2004) always works good
  11. got mine D2D and still not availible... if I go to hitpoints page account I can see the serial code, just cant download the legal version.
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