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  1. 10 missions? So there are missions beyond rescuing the Pilot and blowing up the Blackhawk? Because once I finish that mission and hit continue, it trys to replay that mission again. So how do I get to these phantom missions? Pay $150 for a Physx for one level? Uhhh, no. BF2 has way more re playability than GRAW1 or 2 MP. "10 missions. Your post is a great way to make friends here." I wasn't trying to make enemies. I have played every Tom Clancy based game since Rainbow 6 in 98, I am a die hard FPS fan, in my opinion GRAW MP is a CS frag fest. Oh, in case you didn't know: Forum (for.um, n.) >an assembly, meeting place, television program, etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest. >A medium for open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a newspaper, a radio or television program, or a website. >A public meeting or assembly for open discussion So I won't have any friends if I don't share your positive opinions about GRAW?
  2. 7 Missions? C'mon, they were soo linear too, and apparently the Mexicans went to Marine Corps Boot Camp, because every one of them is like a little Lee Harvey Oswald now. They are hitting you, even when you are on your face, behind cover. Mission 7, rescuing Rosen or whatever, good level, and difficult too, but that is where the story ends? I think UBI/Grin broke the game up and we will be seeing part 2 of GRAW2 or will it be GRAW3 next year, ala Half Life Episodes. What a rip off. $50.00 for 7 levels? I didn't buy it for MP, as I am a BF player and all you CS/GRAW hacker-kitties ###### me off in MP.
  3. I did play the single player demo, it played ok, but I have played other demos and the release product is 100x better. I really do not see how the game is better than GRAW1. The AI, which is supposed to be new and improved, is at least 1000000(x a googleplex) worse than the 3 stooges in GRAW1. Plus with 16X AA enabled and everything turned to high, and trust me, my pc can more than handle that, the game should look photo realistic. It looks HORRIBLE. What happened to the old Tom Clancy games that ruled, that were capable of soup-to-nuts modding? The original GR series, Rainbow 6 (not Rainbow 6 3, that is Unrealbow 6 IMHO), Again this is my opinion, I am not holding a poorly pixelated M416 to your head and telling you not to play this game, I am simply giving my feedback to this coaster of a game. The worst part is, after playing the online demo with all the CS fanbois hacking away, I was actually looking forward to the SP campaign. Too bad.
  4. So this is the bug thread? Good, here are my observations (I have played every Tom Clancy game since Rainbow 6 1998) SP Bugs: Lightning fast AI teammates: This is a clipping or animation glitch. You will be walking and turn around to look at your team, and they are zipping around like The Flash. The Mule: The perfect name for this heap. It never goes anywhere close to where you tell it to go. Utterly useless. Pathfinding: 1000X worse than GRAW1, it is like the team in the 1st GRAW was the smarter brothers of these dim-witted buffoons. AI Engagement: Your AI team fails to engage enemies standing 10 feet from them, but they will engage an enemy 100yrds away. Graphics: I have my graphics maxed out, and the game looks like poop. (System Specs: Intel CoreDuo 2.14, 2gb DDR2-800, 2 x Raptor 10K SATA Drives, XfX 8800GTX 768DDR3, Creative X-Fi Fatality, Samsung 22" Wide Screen 2ms LCD) And now the stupid stuff. The rock music on the Airport Level? The cheezy dialogue. Weapons selection is weak. The game sucks. Don't buy it.
  5. Uh, it is the other way around. Eb bought Gamestop and Funcoland.
  6. I am wondering now which will arrive 1st, my Geforce 7900GTX Extreme or my GRAW. My GPU was supposed to have arrived today. Needless to say I am p*ssed.
  7. So which EBgames broke street date? They can get big fines for that.
  8. So I have been salivating about GRAW for months now, and have not played a minute of BF2 since I D/L the Demo and played it to death. The release date in the US for games and movies normally fall on a tuesday. The release date for GRAW was the 2nd. According to EB for weeks now, it would be here on the 2nd. Then yesterday, they said the 3rd was the "Street date", so I waited patiently, and guess what? Now they say the street date is the 4th, so I guess tommorrow the street date will be the 5th. Is anyone else as frustrated as me? Ebgames.com
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