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  1. Some1 knows when the next patch is planned? I hope they just come up with good MP ideas that will increase the community.!
  2. If Properly done in game to only allow so many per player (which JO also does, you can't lay more than 4 unlike BHD where you can lay 8)... If properly managed, and only allowing a certain class to have it, then I say go for it. But, I get the feeling that people don't like the blast radius... Maybe 50m is too much? Why not make it 10m (~30ft)? But clays for what we dont have bases to defend only zones But maybe it works if 1 clay a person and FF enabled on everyone, so when teammembers walk over KABOOM reality.
  3. Clays are bad, I am playing JO and clays are kinda annoying image a match 10 vs 10 and everyone uses 2 clays than you got 40 clays and cant walk or kaboom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. New wish [dunno if it ever comes ] -Taunts --> They are funny like that you suddenly hear some yelling ''ouch that got to hurt etc]
  5. Yes, in BF2 but not in GRAW It is atleast Advanced Warfighter, maybe they have some morfine builded into their suits and that can be used 1-2 times And it is about making the MP attractive, currently the MP isnt attractive to have clanmatches its to boring. The developers have to come with good ideas maybe seen in other good online games. --- Or you agree atm this style is good to play matches in TvT?????????
  6. That are some old messages, maybe a moderator can make a new sticky with a name like this ''MP Whislist after 1.16'' There are much old wishes in that list.......
  7. -Player search option -Better domination maps, maybe smaller so that we dont need to walk for ages, or like create a zone in the middle of the town with a timer [TKOTH] -Way Better spawnpoints at DM, everytime i respawn some camper shoot me before i can walk, you have to figure this out. -Dedicated server files -More skins !! -Stats servers at ubisoft, where the community can watch their stats -Other things that make MP attractive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck
  8. -Other kind of Domination maps, which prevent us from running for miles and miles. They got to figure out something, maybe like defending an Zone in the middle of a town with spawn points around it for different teams, like TKOTH. -PLAYER Searh option, asked for it but never came in -Dedicated Server Files -SKINS to choose from -UBI servers with stats enabled, which can be looked at some community site. etccccccc else for good MP
  9. Thank you GRIN, we all apreciate it!! Good job!@!!!
  10. Sound like some good points!!! Hope we can expect way more in the future
  11. They can have some more days, aslong as they anti-cheat works fine
  12. Well I hope it almost comes, I can't play next week though, got examns. Hope you guy did what you could in this time.
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