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  1. Thanks Vii Working on night + TDM for this map, just got to render it.. Per request.
  2. i have not played around with that much but I plan to do that in the future. I'll keep ya posted. Kind of a small map for that though but I am working on one for that particular gamestyle HandyAndy
  3. Hello boys and girls! I have created another map for your enjoyment. Its called "The Park is Mine". Its based on a city park. It has been in the rotation on the BDA server for some time now but I did some fixing of the original file and moved the Seige box to a more defensive location after some feed back from the players. I have set it up in Siege and HH modes. I hope you like it. I have had some great feedback from the BDA boys. I have given a PM to Rocky to put it up on the site but for those that cant wait..... http://hosted.filefront.com/DocBDA/ Its under the park is mine maps. rar Enjoy... Doc AKA: HandyAndy
  4. umm ya well my zones are correct im not a noob at this still the bottom 1/3 is cut off and well lets add the blue back ground as well Doc
  5. Thanks Ringpull... I hope that you enjoy the map. I spend a better part of a month trying to make sure it looks great and its playable with all the prop-brushing that was placed into it to make it more of a "jungle" feel.
  6. Aztec.zip Try this one... I just checked it and i got a d/l off it...
  7. Hello boys and girls! I am proud to present my newest map. After about a month of planning drawing and playing around I have finally finished it. Its a TDM match with anti-spawn killing barriers in it. Its set in a jungle setting which is different than most maps that are published. Some pics... Entrance into the Tomb The Jungle The Tomb Top Floor Side Entrance This is version 1.0 of the map. I have looked about/ play tested it etc.... without any difficulties. The only problem at this point is the mini map which cannot be helped due to the errors associated with the 1.21 patch. In all its a great map and has lots of potential. Further map types like Dom/ HH will be implemented in the near future but I wanted to release this so people can have some fun in the TDM setting... I want to say thanks to the BDA community for helping me test this and offer suggestions on play style etc... Link to file.... Aztec.zip ENJOY!!!!! HandyAndy AKA Doc *BDA*
  8. ya try not to overlap textures and you wont get that problem.
  9. Dear Grin... Just wanted to point out yet another bug in the editor. Your mini map TGA cuts off the bottom 1/3 of the pic. I have extracted it and even photoshopped over it and still the bottom 1/3 is cut off. I wanted to point that out so you can add it to your bug list for the next up comming patch. Thanks... HandyAndy AKA Doc*BDA*
  10. Hi Grin... I wanted to say that some of us... well a lot of us are having issues with the editor. It seems that we do a ton of work. Being careful not to mix props and tiles that are not supposed to be in the map. Being also careful that we have selected day maps, day lighting, day everything!!!! It appears that when we go to render our maps all the ground and buildings are black. I have even taken the time to carefully place objects in the map and render them in draft about every 20 items to ensure that I am not making mistakes with the tile sets and props etc... The draft copies look GREAT no black ground/buildings and the props are in the right places with no mistakes... Now I go to do a full render on Medium with 3 passes.. Which takes about 6-7 hours typically for all the stuff i have painfully placed in it to acheive overall coolness.. of this map. I mean i have probably put about 6-7 days worth of time in this map overall... So I render it... AND THE GROUND IS BLACK! Some of the buildings are BLACK... SO WHAT IS GOING ON? I have seen this asked several times in the forums on here and other places with no real answer to what the problem is. I have taken painfull steps into rendering and rerendering it. (ie. removing the lightmap folder so it would create a new one. Leaving the lightmap folder in so it would overwrite it. changing code from a _n to an _d in the xml file. ) Nothing notta zip... same results. But if i render it in draft mode all is well... no problems no issues... Is it due to some weirdness in the tiles? Did you guys get the same problem when creating your maps for the game? If so what was the problem? What was the solution? I suppose i could release the map in a draft copy but who wants to play on a draft? I have asked other sucessful mappers out there and I get the same answer, "I have never had any problems with it. So... I dunno what to tell you." So, could you please please enlighten us on this issue? I know im not the only frustrated mapper out there who has the same question. <----------- I bang my head on the wall in frustration Thank You SOOOOOOOOOOO Much in advance for answering this question. If I could find a solution to this problem I know a lot of mappers out there would just about bow down and kiss your feet... HandyAndy
  11. Hello...I was wondering if anyone could help me. Here is the problem. I haveplayed around quite a bit in the map editor and I think i know what I'm doing a little.. Now with that said. I created a pretty large map and in the editor it looks fine. In the draft mode it looks fine. All is well at this point. Now i do the 6-7 major rendor in medium and it spits out this crap. All my ground is black with execptions of a few areas and i dunno what is going on. I looked about in the world xml file for objects that could of dropped to -5000 and there are none. I cannot see any conflicting areas. I dunno what is going on. I just rendered it in draft and all looked well. Now its black? ######! If anyone might have any suggestions please offer them. I spent way too much time on this to just drop it and start over. thanks much
  12. Ok so I have my map I have placed my Zones in it and linked them all together. Now there is this little white Box at the top of the screen that disects through 2 of my zones. It appears to be what the mini map reads as far as zones are considered. Although, I cannot move it, click on it, or change it to make it bigger or smaller. Also after I have rendered the map I tried moving my cammera up to give a good down look of the map so the mini map would be correct. This also was off kilter and somehow drifted up in the mini map and looks horrible. I was wondering if anyone knows how to edit it so it appears correct?? Thanks... HandyAndy..
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