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  1. I'm glad your enjoying FEAR. Here is a link to the FEAR forums...later. http://forums.vugames.com/forum.jspa?forumID=1
  2. I agree that the sounds are done very well and on a side note I believe that it was Desmond that suggested the movie HEAT a while back. I loved it!
  3. I had a lot of trouble till I buckled down and really utilized my tac. map. I actually got from checkpoint 3 to the end of the mission with only 2 reloads. It took a while, but I assigned new tactics to each squad member at every block. A huge help at the end was spreading my team up. I had a rifleman covering the SW and another covering the SE/E. What I think helped the most was my sniper assigned just north of the statue facing the embassy.
  4. Anti-virus? I have to disable mine to log in.
  5. I don't think it's either netcode or hitboxes, but the need for a decent dedicated server.
  6. While I'm thankful that you have already mentioned the dedicated server files, a SDK would be nice for creation of less urban maps and the weapons to follow.
  7. What's up Bahger (it's Charismatic from PT/CT) I have done this tweak and have noticed the difference but it is somewhat slight. That said, there are a lot of tweaks for both the software and obviously the PC that can all add up and really start to make a huge difference.
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