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  1. Like many of my mission-coop brethren, I have waited patiently throughout the months, hoping to see our beloved gametype incorporated into GRAW. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe we haven't yet heard if mission-coop will eventually be a part of GRAW.

    Allow me a slight detour and I'll sum up my thoughts...

    I work for a tech company that relies heavily upon custom programming. For the past year we have been working on a project to interconnect six different proprietary client computer systems via the Internet. Our live date is in November. This is, coincidentally, nearly the same amount of time that GRIN worked on GRAW prior to initial release. I represent the business side of our division but I work with IT representatives nearly every day. Time and time again during our project, I have heard the programmers say, "Sure we can build anything you need, how much money and time do you have?" As such, prioritization is always a sore lesson to learn. I've had critical fixes be delayed because something with more associated revenue takes priority.

    I imagine the game development world is similar. Business decisions rule the roost. If we haven't yet heard of a critical design/engine flaw that will permanently exclude mission-coop from GRAW, then it's exclusion so far is because there isn't enough "bang for buck", i.e. the necessary programming hours and associated cost are prohibitive to release the functionality at this time.

    This may seem obvious once explained, but I still feel it's important to bring up. Why? Because we're approaching an event horizon...

    Within 78 days, a business decision needs to be made by UBI/GRIN to either issue mission-coop functionality or at the very minimum, provide a specific release date for this functionality. If not, this other game may provide the mission-coop functionality many here at GR.net are craving and you may see defections to the competition, en masse.

    UBI and GRIN, greater clarity is soon needed or you will lose revenue. You risk the revenue from additional GRAW sales and from future Ghost Recon titles if the mission-coop folk move to other games. Maybe you've already made this decision, maybe not. But if you delay telling us, on 11/30/06 the decision will be made for you.

    I cherish the Ghost Recon titles as is evidenced by the GR.Net Supporter badge I proudly wear, my purchase of GRAW on release day, and the financial contributions I've made to many of the mission-coop teams for server costs. I want to continue with Ghost Recon and my pocketbook does too. However, from my point of view, if I don't get mission-coop in GRAW I'll unfortunately have to find it somewhere else.

    Please understand, this is my own personal opinion. But I believe what I say makes business sense and I appeal to the business minds of the developer and the publisher to let us know what plans you have.

    Kind regards.

    well said!

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