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  1. As sup said...Be polite...respectful. But NO ONE on this forum SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!! This is a new game with people who have played...They should be allowed to speak out on their behalf of how THEY FEEL! I don't see anything positive about this counter-criticism of 'Muzzling the public opinion' when they pay money to enjoy a once timeless classic's predecessor (GRAW) this is almost gestapo-like if people cannot voice their opinions...Whether harsh or civil. I think mindless spam would be more or less the negative part...Bashing a game with no positive backup; i.e. hoping for an upgrade. is out and out mindless rabble. If we do not speak on this they will pass over whatever we dislike. -Enven
  2. Who is your source? Is soccom announcing this information? Where did you get this?
  3. Yeah; I told the mesh hat wearing kmk listening to fagmo at EB to suck it when he told me to pre-order and that it'd be out today...Then it gets pushed a day more...He could suck my left testie... I reccomend swarming your local best buy and finding a gamer that works there. Almost every time I had attempted this it has worked...Sound really stoked..Give him that crazy 'I will burn this mother down!' look and he'll be stoked to pull one out the back early... (I did this for UT2k4 two days before release) Usually they don't care...haha. -Enven
  4. Even on demo GRAW I was getting 40-60+ on my rig which has a 6800 ultra oc (bfg tech) and its AGP... The only thing about it...I may just break down and get it tomorrow. I just want to see the patches soon...MP overhauled... I just wish they took the community into better consideration, of course they are a "BUSINESS" but in all honesty... A business looking to succeed usually listens to its customers..Whether they be on the internet...Or in person; doesnt matter. The mere fact is....A lot of people love [GR]...They love the style...Old habits die hard, and when you release a game under a name of this acclaim...I am guessing people are going to be real impartial to any bungles... IMO: The game will probably be damn good...I am on assumption and he said she said commentary...I am still waiting to figure it out for myself. (Sidenote: A little bird told me that there's more weapons than the demo...) -Enven. p.s. As for grin...Should have listened to the fanbase...and probably took what was so amazing about gr and put it to good use by adding it to the game.
  5. You know whats depressing...Its true...you know..This is the upsetting part...It is nothing like classic gr...Nor will it be close to it...Why? Because they made the game w.o mod tools...Or any extra stuff...I am trolling around the Full Version forum on the UBI site...My god...Same stuff is getting thrown on there and here. Is it just me..Or is it awkward that everyone wanted the same exact things...When I mean same exact things...Everyone literally wants pretty much the same damn things expected for this game. Sgt. Hack ...you're right...Sounds harsh what you said..But true...I am really debating the purchase at this moment because of what people are saying.. By Thursday I will come to my full conclusion. -Enven.
  6. I've been waiting for this
  7. The fact is that...GRAW is very new; and completely different (although the name and trying to fill the void by saying the feel...is there..Its not.) than the original GR. I Will definitely be playing GRAW; Why? Because I know for a fact...The patches...The mod's that will come out, etc. will most definitely make this game better. In all honesty; Nothing can ever replace the feeling of Ghost Recon Original. All I can hope for is that GRAW gets upgraded/tweaked like crazy...Because retail games w.o any tweaks usually get very boring...Very fast.
  8. What really disturbs me is that we only know what people outside the actual 'realm' know...Opinions...POV's...Etc. I wonder what really is going to happen...I have noticed a lot of games being released lately have had this same effect..Little information and a big 'hype' then a big downer..Then everyone gets that bitter taste in their mouths.. I say...Just be patient and hope for the best. IMO: I am hoping to be sideswiped. If not...Let the anti-ubi rally begin. Wonder when more information will be splattered to the public...I wonder what the UBISOFT devs are thinking...Why no solid information..Are they worried about being strung up? Hopefully in the next day or two when people get the game; we'll know what happens first hand. -Enven
  9. I rated it a 6. Why? It did not give me enough...I will judge the game fully when released fully.
  10. EDIT - Read the rest of the posts...Lets hope the SDK/Mod tools come w/GRIN. -Enven.
  11. Is there any changed to the cfg in the retail? -Enven
  12. Long time lurker/supporter of the forum...First time posting. Howdy. ----------------- Anywho; The cfg for GRAW...curious if anyone has any information or has some sort of definition as to what we'll be looking at when editting it for optimizing/enhancing performance, etc... Just curious since they threw the Post Effects -on-off- tip on the main page. and beers fellas. -Enven p.s. The demo is running perfectly fine on my rig...I am running a 6800ultra OC from BFG tech with latest forceware drivers off guru3d.com (AGP/Asus P4C800E); 1.5gb of ram OCZ dual chan platinum; 3.2ghz P4 Prescott. Air cooled and not oc'd one bit...Post Effect imo is too yellow; and in all honesty; my monitor (Viewsonic A91F+) has 'ultrabrite' mode that is not needed w/yellow-effect (heh)...Which bothers me...Why? Because yellow reminds me of urine.
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