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  1. Today is Wed, May 17 and I can't login to gamespy in graw so no multiplayer games show up. I went through the games spy trouble shooting and opened all the ports they say are needed. I still could not login ???? I am behind a router/firewall. What Internet ports need to be open to play Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter online? If you are having trouble playing GRAW online please make sure that you have the following ports open in your firewall/router: Gamespy requires: Local Ports UDP 15250 UDP 13139 UDP 15250 Remote Ports UDP 15250 TCP 80 TCP 6667 UDP 13139 UDP 27900 UDP 27901 TCP 28910 TCP 29900 TCP 29901 UDP 29910 TCP 29920 [Merged into existing thread]
  2. Tech, it did work. I talked him through it and he booted up Graw and now it starts at Normal priority. U Da Man, Thanks Again
  3. I tried TECH'S command line on my own system and the game functioned normaly. I will coach my buddy through it over the phone when he gets home in a few minutes.
  4. Running at high is not a horrible thing but everyone I know who has checked says thier own graw.exe is running at normal. Running at high has caused other (side effects) his ts will not work etc. because graw is using all of his cpu. Thank You TECH, hopefully someone can confirm this but if not I will make a backup of it first before I try and edit the target.
  5. One of our clanmates but unfortunately he's unavailable at the moment and i was hoping others have found the fix to it. As soon as he returns I will get him to get me the links.
  6. my friend is running a 64bit AMD 3200 w\1gig of ram and his processor is running at 100% when graw is running. In his task manager graw.exe is running @ high priority. I've been told there are some batch files available to fix this but I can't even find a thread on the issue. Yes he can go to his task manager and set it to normal priority every time he boots up the game, but what a pain. And this does not always work anyway, even though it's been changed to normal it's still using 100% of the cpu. If anyone knows where to find these batch files or how to permanently fix the issue please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sorry my system specs are: Intel 2.8 with HT (Northwood) 1 Gig PC 3200 400mhz 100Gig Sata etc. Processor and memory are not an issue with my system, the 6200 was lol.
  8. During the Demo i got to the car and recieved the new instructions. Shortly after I and the AI teammates began to run out of our Main weapons ammo. The AI kept on yelling "reloading" and "captain I'm out of ammo". This got really annoying after a couple minutes. I wanted to slap him and say "ya I know you have no ammo, so shut #@*& up" We all finished the demo with a pistols only with them screaming the whole time. I hope this is fixed in thier first patch.
  9. From my own experience I can tell every one that my BFG 6200 OC 256Mb AGP will play the GR3 but with all settings on low. Even with everything at it's lowest setting in GR3 it can get a little jumpy and the screen will freeze up when the shyt really hits the fan. I would not recommend using a 6200 for GR3 at all. One of our Clanmates has the PNY 6800GS 256 which I ordered and has proven that it can run GR3 just fine. So if any of you out there need a new vid card so you can play GR3 I'de recommend th 6800GS 256 AGP for it's affordability (my reason). A 7800Gs would have been nice but to rich for my blood. The 6800GS 256 cost me $204 as of May 1 and I had to also purchase a new power supply. The PNY 6800GS 256 requires a min psu of 350Watts so to be safe I bought a 400Watt Fortron psu for $46. Link to PNY 6800GS 256 on Tiger Direct Canada Only a few days till GR3 is out!!!!!!
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