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  1. Really need the Invision Mirc Script, however the website download link is down and no one I know has it. Any of you guys have it?? Thanks in Advance MrMacca
  2. No worries, Dont stress ya self out as I can wait. Been too busy with Uni lately so havent had much chance to play GR. MrMacca
  3. It depends on what u mean by Filesharing, simple MP3s? sending pictures to your mates or downloading LOTR The Two Towers DVD I tend to use 2 applications, though one of them is ISP dependant. Edonkey and Grabit MrMacca
  4. Thanks for that offer, I would love to download them so If You could please upload them to his space, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks MrMacca
  5. MrMacca

    Robot Dance

    I think it is fantastic, especially the bit where he performs a move like he is in a Strobe light and pulls up the sleave of his jumper, amazing. Just imagine doing that in everyday life, would freak out some people. He looks rubber, I bet he can do some great fake faints. I wish I could do moves like that, the only moves i can do are the Moonwalk and sidewoods Moonwalk. MrMacca
  6. MrMacca

    Robot Dance

    Simpy download this Robot Dance Right click and Save Target as. Watch it and be mesmerised by the 2nd Kid dancing. Trust me MrMacca
  7. I downloaded the Latest Drivers, chose to just install the Drivers and leave my current installation of programs intact, however it fluffs everything up for me. I can no longer use my Mic when playing GR or CS, if I choose to Edit the Audio Mixer settings it says that I dont have the correct Sound Card. Therefore I have had to reinstall the Old Drivers again. I might try that Alternate Cache feature, anybody have any Ideas as to what this does?? MrMacca
  8. _1G_HiLandR Nice Work so far Very good If you get a little bogged down with Requests, send some my Way as I wouldnt mind whipping up a couple of Siggys. I just recently created my Siggy and Avatar. So if you need any help just ask. Keep up the good work MrMacca
  9. First time ive ever encountered this problem but nevetheless its a pain in the backside. Whenever I walk inside a building, a high pitch noise slowly begins to play and then it continues to a level where I either have to walk out of the building or turn down the Speakers. This Happens in the Desert Siege Mod and also the Island Thunder Mod. I am running on Win2k and I have a Sounblaster Live 5:1 player with DTT3500 Speakers. I have all the latest patches for Windows. Can any of you guys offer any help? MrMacca
  10. Hi, I recently Created a Skin for myself and I have succesfully made it work on one of the guys. However I would like it to be a default one or on a character that is used alot throughout the Ghost Recon Series. I have all the add Ons for this game and I would like to see my Own Individual Character Skin and name used through the game, however I do not know which rifle.apr is the best one to replace. Also which guy should I edit to make myself a Specialist This is my First ever Face Skin: Sorry if these are Newby Questions. MrM
  11. Here is a Way you can stop those Messages Appearing on your Screen: Note this method is for Win2k, so might be different for other users. Right click on your MY COMPUTER icon and then goto MANAGE. In the Tree to the left, it should have one section named - Services and Applications Highlight it and expand the Tree. On my Screen there are now 2 new entries - WMI Control and Services. Click Services so it is highlighted. Then in the Section to the right, look for where it says Messenger, the Description should say something like - Sends and receives messages transmitted by ad
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