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  1. Firing close GL (at least Scar H) still crashes my client straight to desktop.

    (not sure if that was supposed to be fixed or not as there is no info about fixes)

    I got the same results. I did have to adjust my range to target to find the "CTD zone" but it was certainly there.

    The GL bug wasn't supposed to be fixed with these server-side fixes.

  2. Well perhaps the time of absence has caused the dwindling of this thread but fret not, only excuse i have is because we've been REALLY REALLY hard at work with this mod. And I shall take you up on this challenge JASGripen, though it may make release of the mod quite longer, I am actually drawing up a blueprint of the AK-47 XM . A new AK lol...

    So my work will be totally devoted to this at the moment, I will post scans of my blueprints and specifications of the gun and my vision. Followed by attempted 3d modelling. Also, if you see this as any update, my friends have begun alpha testing and debugging of Warfighter Mode :) We will soon be requesting Beta testers.

    Count me in :D:P

  3. Hello, i have a problem with 1.30... in two maps (in italian the name is: promontorio) and the next maps of circuit's HH.

    When i connect to server the first time, Ii can't play this two maps 99% of time!!! I need to wait the game start and wait the timeout... after this I respawn in game with pistols... this bug is incredible. Me and my friend have the same problems.

    Is incredible play in this conditions.... because this game is only for fun... is impossible organize ladder and other event with this macroscopics bug affected 1 - 10- 100 - 1000 - 10000 people...

    My config is:

    AMD 4000+ (64)

    2 GB RAM DC

    HD Sata

    GE FORCE 7800GT

    SB X-FI Platinum

    Win XP SP2 plus KB

    All driver are upgraded (sound, video, MB)

    no Windows FW... only outpost but there are some problems with FW up or down.


    Sry my english but that is!!! lol I hope u understand the problem

    The same problema that I have. The Cape and Hollow are the affected maps. Here my PC specs:

    AMD Athlon 64 3200+

    1 GB RAM

    GeForce 7800 GT

    Windows 2000 Professional SP4

    Onboard audio

    Drivers updated to the latest avaiable

    No firewall, no antivirus, only the bare system with graw installed.

    I've noticed that the problem afflicts people with Fastweb (http://www.fastweb.it/), an italian ISP.

  4. The game works just fine for hundreds of people, who play every night.

    If you have a problem and need it sorted, post in the correct forum, with the details, as posted in various ares in the Tech section.

    With 1.21 and the Beta I have no disconnect problems, and yes, even for me, the game worked just fine. I have already posted in the tech section, but for the details I can't say too much because this happens randomly and nevere with the same game mode.

  5. I'm very angry tonight! :angry: I'm trying to play with my clanmates for about 2 hours now, but all I got was the worst experience of my online gaming life (about four years). All disconnects and "waiting for the server"s!!! :angry: Very very very disappointed :angry: Hope this got fixed, now all I can do is put GRAW on the shelf. Sorry, but I have to share my bad experience with someone :(

  6. Same problem tonight. 1 match on a dedicated server. Change map. Waiting for the server. Exit Graw. Open Graw. Internet. Join the same server. Waiting for the server. Wait for about 5 mins. Exit Graw. Open Graw. Trying to join any server for about 37 mins now but nothing happens. Exit Graw and go to sleep. GG. (Never happened with 1.21, never had a connection problem before)

  7. mhhh... i'm in, i've got the files, i played the beta but i can't get to the beta forum. i'm logging in with my ubi account on this beta page from the email but then nothing happens. just the same link to the graw beta over and over again... any tips?

    Same here.I think I have mispelled the login name when I registered for the beta damn :wall::wall:

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