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  1. When I try to start the game, this error message pops up "graw2.exe - Entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point MiniDumpWriteDump could not be located in the dynamic link library dbghelp.dll". My OS is Windows 2000 SP4.
  2. Same here, received the beta test invitation, filled the questionary, but no key yet
  3. I got the same results. I did have to adjust my range to target to find the "CTD zone" but it was certainly there. The GL bug wasn't supposed to be fixed with these server-side fixes.
  4. Nice to see that the "Waiting for the server..." bug on Hollow and The Cape is gone
  5. I cannot join. It tells me "Incorrect version. ((no versio"
  6. I think that it is for the xbox version.
  7. Seems that only italians are affected by this bug lol Some more info: This happens only in those two maps and in every game modes with the mentioned maps (HH, DM). This happens with or without the AC on.
  8. The same problema that I have. The Cape and Hollow are the affected maps. Here my PC specs: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 1 GB RAM GeForce 7800 GT Windows 2000 Professional SP4 Onboard audio Drivers updated to the latest avaiable No firewall, no antivirus, only the bare system with graw installed. I've noticed that the problem afflicts people with Fastweb (http://www.fastweb.it/), an italian ISP.
  9. With 1.21 and the Beta I have no disconnect problems, and yes, even for me, the game worked just fine. I have already posted in the tech section, but for the details I can't say too much because this happens randomly and nevere with the same game mode.
  10. I'm very angry tonight! I'm trying to play with my clanmates for about 2 hours now, but all I got was the worst experience of my online gaming life (about four years). All disconnects and "waiting for the server"s!!! Very very very disappointed Hope this got fixed, now all I can do is put GRAW on the shelf. Sorry, but I have to share my bad experience with someone
  11. Same problem tonight. 1 match on a dedicated server. Change map. Waiting for the server. Exit Graw. Open Graw. Internet. Join the same server. Waiting for the server. Wait for about 5 mins. Exit Graw. Open Graw. Trying to join any server for about 37 mins now but nothing happens. Exit Graw and go to sleep. GG. (Never happened with 1.21, never had a connection problem before)
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