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  1. I may be the biggest n00b ever but i get the feeling that differed lighting is just the "heat wave" effects over burning cars and the warped/distorted effect around explosions... why do i think this??? because in oblivion around the oblivion gates/portals there is a similar type of heat wave effect that doesnt work when AA is enabled even though HDR is still on and fully working. so HDR and AA work no probs in oblivion, however these "heat waves" dont. now if that IS the case then it cant be too hard to disable those effects and allow AA in a patch. I think they just wanted this "next gen" feature in the game no matter what, after all on an xbox360 on a TV you dont need AA so the choice would have been to use this despite the lack of AA.
  2. the only reason i thought it may be the "heat wave" effects is because in oblivion the heat wave effects around the oblivion portal disappear when AA is enabled AND HDR is still ON. so the HDR + AA work fine but these heat waves do not. so i guesse these heat waves are NOT part of the HDR in oblivion.. but they are also not compatable with AA. and as you mentioned im sure the differed lighting does a lot more than just these "heat waves" even if that is one of the effects it is producing.
  3. oww yer ok i was after the AA but looks as if the differed lighting is here to stay?? would i be correct in that the differed lighting is really only the heat wave effects over burning cars etc??
  4. are you able to turn the differed lighting off only?
  5. anyone know of or are working on a blood mod? i would really love to see some gore
  6. i love the game but it needs jump or a climb button to get over small obsticles. its very annoying when a knee height platform is in front of you but you have to run all the way around to the steps or ramp..... i understand you want to avoid bunnyhopping as much as possible and i hate it as much as the next guy, but yer needs a small jump or something. and i dont know if anyone has noticed when you sprint off the edge of a platform etc the ghost falls straight down, he doesnt seem to run off the edge keeping his momentum.
  7. i sit between 30 and 50 fps but usually around the 35 ish mark 1280 x 800 widescreen everything set to HIGH however i turn shadows OFF, with them ON i lose about 10 fps :S intel p4 3.0 HT 2GB RAM x800pro 256mb
  8. i have faith in grin and think so far the game is very good, aside from a few mp fixes etc it is really good. um just hoping we get smoke nades like on the in game video... and of course like many ppl have said before including myself, Anti-Aliasing is needed for EVERY game, no AA just looks terrible and makes spotting targets at long distances very difficult. other than that this game rocks
  9. LMFAO!!!! lol american men play tough sports like american football and basketball, LOL and thier women play soccer hehehe! haha thats the funniest thing iv ever heard, typical american for ya... they all wear pads & helmets in american football and basketball is non-contact LOL try playing aussie rules or rugby n00b. no pads full contact, now shhhhhh n00b.
  10. does anyone know how to disable the crosshair? i also tried setting classiccrosshair to true/false and didnt notice any diff , anyone know what that is meant to do?
  11. also in the game trailor one of the ghosts throws a smoke nade and i am yet to see one of those.
  12. ok this is NOT an AA thread ( although it is connected ) I have searched the forums and couldnt find an explanation of the effects it is producing but instead a lot of technical jargon of how it works. i was after some clarification of which effects the differed lighting is actually producing i am certain it is NOT the HDR type lighting most ppl think it is but rather it is the HEAT WAVE effects over the top of burning cars etc. which leads me to my next point, in oblivion there is deffered lighting around the oblivion gates/portals , it looks like heat waves coming out of the gate/portal and when you enable AA the heat wave effects dissapear. So really are we missing out on AA because of a few heat waves over burning cars???? the devs have stated it is NOT the HDR that makes AA useless but it is the diffuse lighting , which indicates to me that BOTH are in use, most likely meaning the HDR is the lighting and deffered is the candy effects ie-heat waves & explosions. thanks
  13. LOL sif use a controller hehe mouse & keyboard > controller you buy an xbox360 if you want to use teh n00b stick
  14. i hear ya, i want my AA >.< the lack of it ruins a great game differed lighting is useless when everything else looks ######. I would also like to know if the devs noticed any jaggies during development??? if not what spec pc were they testing the game with and what was the resolution???
  15. anyone know what these 3 commands do??? classic_crosshair value="false" (tried this one on true, xhair looked the same :S anyone know how to get rid of xhair btw?) hardware_cursor value="true" mouse_sens_gui value="1" if its a type of mouse smoothening it may have somehing to do with the mouse lag, i find quite often in games the mouse smoothening causes the mouse to feel a little less responsive. thanks
  16. graw kinda reminds me of the rushed medal of honor sequel.... Pacific Assault if anyone has played that game they will all say yer couldve been the greatest but unfortunatly it was riddled with bugs at the time of release, then after that it took almost a year for the first patch to come out... At least a patch is already on the way within a few weeks of release which indicates to me the devs are listening and wanting to make the great game of graw the best it can be. it is such a kick ass game, it would be a shame to see it fade fast like PA because of bugs and performance issues. on that note, ppl arnt going to buy it and support it if their machines cant run it properly, no point in saying yer they will be able to in a year because by then graw may well be forgotten. this game really needs optimization and scalability.
  17. well if we just bend over and take it then nothing will get changed will it. btw good game, needs a touch up is all.
  18. i definitly agree about the little window in the top right, lol yibbida yibbida and please fix the size of that huge mp chat window, even better get rid of it and just have the text on the screen.
  19. thats what i was told, i am a n00b and didnt get it to work , will get my m8 to show me when he gets home from work :S
  20. im running 1280 x 768 widescreen and yer the circle looks big. im used to playing games like dods etc using just a dot like this size -----> . that might be a bit smaller but you get the idea anyway id rather disable it as i cant stand dynamic xhairs moving all over my screen, i dont want to know where my bullet MIGHT go lol
  21. cheers m8 know of a way to disable xhairs aswell?
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