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  1. Are there any more coop maps on the way in future patches or any custom coop maps to download?? have thrashed out the 3 already..lol [Merged into existing thread]
  2. actually i like graw2 a lot, the ai could be a little better but meh i think it roxors teh soxors
  3. yes i use hamachi, for those of you that dont know its a little app that makes ur pc's think they are on a lan connection over the net, very simple to use, just install and join a channel who ever has adsl 2 would be fine to host, i only have 256up so count me out as host and me and a few m8s run a teamspeak server so you are welcome to jump on that for coop games, or does graw2 have voice chat?? i havnt seen it
  4. Im up for aussie coop action! my xfire is mrdemo or just pm me
  5. i am getting the same error! i think that its ram related but thats just a guess
  6. I was just wondering if there is a Stand alone dedicated server exe, a few friends and I have a server but its located in another state and dont want to upload the entire game! thnx
  7. I was wondering if there are any single player maps i can dl, i love this game but have finished it and want some more sp action! i saw the [GR] coop maps in dl section but can you play those by yourself and still control 3 bots? or do you need other real players to fill the 3 "bot" slots?
  8. id like to see civilians added for the city maps, maybe a few birds and other wild life for the bush maps
  9. i was just wondering if there are any GRAW custom COOP maps available, i only seem to see deathmatch maps??
  10. my friends and i have been trying to play coop together over the internet using hamchi as many ppl have suggested.. however when we use hamachi the game thinks it is LAN therefore using up massive amounts of our bandwidth, half the time 1 or 2 of us drop out and our Teamspeak starts cutting out and so on... perhaps in europe or the states having the game set to LAN isnt aproblem because of ur high internet speeds, but all the way down here in Australia the average net connection is 1mb down and 256KB upload, its this 256KB upload that is restricting us from being able to play at LAN settings when trying to host a coop server.. with 256kb upload we will be lucky to have 2 ppl playing together, when the 3rd and4th person joins its all over.. is there a way to set the bandwidth that the game will use, like you can set ur speed for internet games?? all help appreciated
  11. the FOV is fine if you are playing in widescreen mode the game was probly developed in 16:10 or 16:9 (like every other new game thats worth playing) you must be playing on a "square" 4:3 monitor if ur fov looks squashed up if you have a 4:3 LCD screen running a DVI connection it is possible to run all games in 16:10 or 16:9 if you have an ATI card just turn on "use centered timings" in the gfx card options and im unsure of the nvidia equivlent but i think its called scale image to panel or something?? anyway this will allow you to choose widesreen resolutions on ur 4:3 LCD, you will now be able to play in 1280x800 & 1280x768 (both 16:10) and 1280x720 (16:9) this will give you a thin black bar at the top and bottom of screen but it looks sooo much better i havnt played a game in 4:3 for almost 2 years now lol because all new games are developed in widescreen mode.. except for bf2 but eh who cares about bf2 lolz..
  12. i was also using the latest omega drivers with my x800pro and when i changed to the cat 6.7 i noticed that all my games seem to be running better, graw fps still sits in the 30 -40's but it feels a lot smoother and yes i have enabled geometry intsancing aswell
  13. im using clearhud 1.3 cheers ohh U doh
  14. iv been using the new custom huds and such as posted in these forums and think they are all great, however im wondering if anyone can give me a modified hud that ONLY changes the following- -no crosshairs -no MP chat window on top of screen -no video display in the top right hand corner of screen -a blood mod thats all! i know some of you guys could whip that up in 2 secs, as im a nub i cannot so it would be greatly appreciated i really do like all the huds released so far but they all seem to change OTHER things like making the bolt action sniper into a semi auto etc, id prefer to keep the weapons standard aswell as about 20 other changes to the game that i wasnt really after thanks very much
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