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  1. The Dev team dropped the ball big-time for multiplayer in GRAW. There is no way I am going to buy the 4th game. They blew it.
  2. Ok, so I installed the game on my 2nd computer as well, hoping to do a little Co-Op on both. But it makes me activate again. Ok, no problem...so I punch in my key...uh oh. It won't activate. I keep trying. Nothing. Does this mean you can only install the game on the one PC...and what if I need to reinstall the game on this pc? Will it fail to activate again? heh
  3. D2D doesn't have the latest patch. And you can't use a regular patch for D2D games or else it'll ask for a CD.
  4. Thought I'd try that out instead of going to the store to buy the game. Don't do it. It SUCKS. If a patch comes out, you can't use the standard patch. You have to use a special Direct2Drive patch...and they don't come out the same day as the normal patch. Infact, it could be a long time before a patch shows up. heh.
  5. So, from waht I read of the "june" patch...sounds like some of those problems should be fixed. Hope so, it really is a fun game. Hope more join in.
  6. Awesome, thanks a lot. Just didn't want to be one of 10 playing.<grin>
  7. Now that I can play this game on Max settings...I was thinking of buying it. But, I was wondering is the Domination mode or whatever it's called pretty popular? I don't care much for DM...but I really enjoy the strategic value of the Point control mode...but if it's not that popular..it's just not worth it for me...
  8. Mine and manys official stance is "No SDK? No buy."
  9. GRAW has too much going against it. An SDK is just a shot in the foot for the Dev team. Without it they will have lowered the games life expectancy by half. It's the sad truth that an online game without an SDK just doesn't last long anymore.
  10. Is it truely official that there is NO SDK coming for this game? If so..that's a death sentence for the game. I was considering buying it...but if that's the case...I guess i'll have to find another game. [Merged into existing thread - Please check before posting]
  11. you have it right. In BF2 the firefights are WAY more intense than anything in counter-strike. There's more going on and the firefights can last up to a half hour if both teams are good.
  12. I love respawning in a game like Domination. If it's deathmatch..I say no respawns. But Domination...it's just more fun with respawning. The action is more intense, your lives DO matter. If your team dies, the other team grabs the flag and then you guys have to take it back and try to push the enemy back farther. It's just way more intense.
  13. Sigh..wish I could play it. It would be awesome and a blast if I got more than 20 frames a second...
  14. You should be able to play at 800x600 with everything on low and shadows off. I'm on a slightly slower system than yours and that's all that's playable for me, though mouse-lag is still a problem. That's basically what you'll have to live with on your current video card ... nothing else you can do. ← See, that's what i'm talking about...if they want to make a profit on this game they are gonna have to make it playable for the casual gamer who doesn't have high end video cards, etc... As of right now..most people just can't play the game...and it's not worth playing when it's so ugly graphically at lower settings...people with higher settings will easily be able to see you..but you won't be able to see them due to the smudgy graphics and more jaggys at that resolution. That's why BF2 sold so many copies...it could look GREAT on a high end system..but could still look good on a low end system and that's on a 64 player server with large maps. I don't see how they expect to make a profit on a game the majority of gamers can't play decently.
  15. You and the other 10% that can actually play the game. =P sigh...
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