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  1. The patch is definately a step in the right direction but without proper AC and the server files, it isn't going to attract the multiplayers waiting for the multiplayer aspect of the game to be "complete." I had a small blast on it last night but really, i'm too busy enjoying the xbox 360 version which pretty much has a far far far better multiplayer game.
  2. Single player.. GREAT! Not like [GR] but still a great game. If you want the game for multiplayer, i'd stay far far away... even with these updates, it probably won't fix the awful net code... like i'd like to know why a person running around a corner always seems to have the advantage? Realistic.. BS!
  3. 200 people online? I went on at 7pm UK time to see only 1 official Ubi server populated and that was that horrible Quakey game mode known as DM.
  4. Rofl 2 v 2 TDM, if that happend, I would personally go down and punch the person who thought this would be a good idea... i'm guessing this is supposed to be funny? Maybe it's just too early or perhaps the fact that GRAW is one hell of a mess but I just didn't laugh.
  5. OP, do you think we aren't tired of complaining? I sure know I would rather be spending my time with my clan on a lag free stable server playing another clan on TDM with the safety knowing that they can't possibly be using cheats.
  6. Multiplayer will get more people, a lot of people have already said that they wouldn't get the game until they have a complete multiplayer, when we get this infamous summer patch, these people will most likely get the game.
  7. It's as dead as the dodo but isn't all games like this? You run through single player a few times all the way through and you're done. You then can try out coop and multiplayer.
  8. Cutter, you're right man but if they want the game to have a growth spurt, they need to do these properly.. not like the half assed attempt we had with DM and and the AC. Also tactical points in DM/TDM is just silly, this should be scrapped completely.
  9. I know you mean well mate but saying that I should take up modding to complete my unfinished game I bought, is well.. absurd. You say the modders were once like me, yeah so was Tony Blair, does that mean that I can become the Prime Minister? NO! The difference between the majority of users and the gifted modders, is ENTHUSIASM for modding. I know you meant well and all but when you counter whines with telling people to do it themselves on a game, is ridiculious and unheard of for me.
  10. Sorry but i'm calling BS here, Ubi will want to try and get as much praise as possible from the next patch and if it was that big, they would be advertising it by now but let us hope that i'm wrong.
  11. It's not just dedis, it's also the lack of a realistic game mode for tournaments, Domination isn't suitable really for this kind of game.
  12. As the other poster said, the disregard of clans by ubi/grin is killing the mp off. There is still people playing in the afternoon on the ubi servers though but you are pretty limited to one server.
  13. Sorry but this that is the funniest statement based on complaints, "not happy with a game, make your own." As stated, we pay other people to make our games and many of us have high standards and expectations in the games we buy, and GRIN/UBI havn't delivered on these expectations and people who bought this game, have a right to moan. I still have some hope left for GRAW and I think GRIN should stop coming on here lapping up praise and get their heads down and sort this mess out. People will always find something to complain about but the state of what GRAW is in, is just taking the piddle.
  14. Most people complaining you say? From the impressions that i've been having since GRAW was released, is that this site holds the most GRIN fanboys around. Also, when the majority of people flame, it's usually for a good reason. Also OP you use these words: Respect Dignity Integrity Honour And let me tell you this, in business, those words mean squat. I would also recommend you give them to both Ubi and GRIN as they both seem to be lacking them. They bring out a product which is only half complete, where the hell is all four of those words in doing that.. the only word I can come up with to describe this is GREED. Maybe GRIN aren't to blame but the excuse of it's all Ubi is becoming extremely old and probably only half true. Until we get a stable game which has a multiplayer on par with the standards [GR] set, respect, dignity, integrity and honour can go out of the window for me as I don't feel like i'm getting any of them in return.
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