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  1. LoL, I didnt know that thats some Yep, we are having the same problem too from time to time. One dude with a social disorder can bring down an entire server in minutes and make everybody leave the server and some leave the game for good.
  2. I am one of the admins on BeerDrinkingAssassins and we have a very clear policy of: NO HACKS or MODS. PERIOD. We do everything in our power to keep the server clean but frankly, our hands have been tied by the dev team and UBI. There is always going to be the random cowboy who wants to "try it out" but as a group, the only recourse we have at this point is to ball bust anyone we see doing it and hope we can shame them into submission. Fortunatly, 99% of our members are terrific, honest people so this ussually happens in quick order when someone "tries" something. If anyone encounters any of our members doing anything inappropriate, please login to our website (www.beerdrinkingassassins.com) and PM Breeze, myself, or any of the other admins. We will do our best to handle it internally but we also want to be fair and keep it private. There are plenty of innocent people who have had their reputations ruined by false accusations. Cheers. bhh PS. ONE last time, the "guy's" speed problem had to do with 2 CPUS (not DUAL CORE) and also running WINDOWS VISTA BETA. THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED.
  3. LOL, that was me about the flies. The first time I heard it, I thought a bug had gotten into my headphone cups somehow and I threw them off and started smacking myself in the side of the head. My wife was like, "W T F are you doing?" EDIT: BTW, I picked up a set of 5.1 TurtleBeach HPA headphones for this game and I have to say I love them. Each ear has 4 individual drivers that creates a suprisingly good soundfield for headphones. Very realistic hence the bug in the ear episode.
  4. I know a guy that is having a problem running fast when he has both CPU's of a Dual CPU system installed. He is an older guy and I am pretty sure he isn't cheating becuase he ask us to watch him run, then pulled the 2nd CPU out, logged back on to the server and it was fine, the reinstalled the 2nd CPU and it was back to hyper speed. I am pretty sure it is the guy you are talking about and if it makes you feel any better, he is now playing with only 1 of the 2 expensive CPUs he recently purchased until the bug is resolved. EDIT: Also, I'm running dual Xeons and have no problems at all but like I said, he seems to be having some weird issues and seems legit after chatting with him on TS about it.
  5. The main purpose of this post was to express some appreciation for those who put up with the hastle to do what they do. I'm not attempting to blame anyone because at the end of the day, it doesn't really make a difference. Regardless of who is ultimatly responsible, the fact is, priority simply wasn't given to these peole's needs although they probably contribute more to the MP success (longetivity) of the game more than anyone with the exception of the developer and possibly the publisher. I just think it is incredibly sad and narrow-minded. No servers = no mass MP play, simple as that.
  6. I get this quite frequently but I can assure you in my case atleast, it isn't a bug that is causing it
  7. Yea, coop has been quite enjoyable but domination on the dedi has been a PITA.
  8. I just want to thank everyone who is currently running public MP servers. You do a tremendous amount for the community which directly affects the poularity of the game with a direct benefit for both UBI and GRIN. You do it with nothing in return and you do it despite the headaches of not being able to ban and kick players who cheat, run around like butt-holes, and disrespect those who have gone through the effort and expense of setting up a dedicated server. You do it even when kids act like it is their constitutional right to play on your server and ruin everyone's game and you do it even though you you aren't given the tools to control your own game experience despite the fact you forking over your own money for the benefit of the community at large and UBI & GRIN directly. To whomever is responsible for creating the above conditions by not allowing those who host the servers to control the game experience, it is really sad. Intentional or not, it displays a complete lack of respect for those who spend their own money and time to make your game more popular and ultimatly make you more money. These people don't benefit from it other than being able to control the game experience and you have stripped that from them. It is not unlike taking away the moderators of this site's ability to delete, move and lock posts and then wondering why things degrade into a into frustrating mess of drivel that ultimatly turns everone away. Why should they do it and how successfull can the game really be without them? These people should be respected and insuring enough people are willing to do this should be a top-priority. Right now, that is clearly not the case.
  9. I agree, My prediction is something similar. Sometime around >>>Christmas season<<<, we will see something along the lines of "GRAW Ultimate", which is basically the full game with all MP modes, new maps in the form if a mini-expansion pack, and the expanded Co-op modes bundled into a comprehensive package with the full marketing blitz. This will probably correspond with the release of the 8000 series Nvidia cards and ATI equivalent that can handle DL/AA. If this is the case, hopefully those that bought the original get the upgrade for free. If your cup is half full, we get to play now and don't have to wait. If your cup is half empty, we are all paying to be beta testers.
  10. GRIN, We are having a blast. I am an admin of an adult-oriented GRAW clan (www.beerdrinkingassasings.com) and we are very vested in making the game as tactical as possible. We have been discussing this a lot and the following recomendations apply to all types of MP, including co-op. 1) What I am calling middle-mouse click commands (similar to SP AI orders) where the team leader can "paint" team orders and have them show up in everyone's HUD, commands such as move, supress, cover, etc. We find the tactical map sometimes isn't effecient/fast enough and therefore doesn't get used as much as we'd like. We use voice-com but a visual indicator would be very helpfull. 2) We end up using the tactical map "waypoints" to paint threats as a great way of communicating to the rest of the team tango locations, MG nest, etc. A "threat" indicator similar to the waypoint would be a terrific enhancement, especially if ANY team member could paint/deploy/use them. Again, from the tactical map is one option and middle-mouse click would be even better. 3) Some similar implementation of the above in other MP modes would be nice as well but is obviously more of a logistics problem. You obviously can't have dozens of "HUD" markers all over the place but some way of facilitating in-game visual communication between team mates would help enhance the tactical component of the game quite a bit. 4) TL down = game over makes it a little frustrating sometimes. 5) Currently, the DOM games seem very run&gun without a lot of tactics being used. I know you can't force a player to play a certain way but I think you guys have done a lot of great job in setting up conditions that SHOULD benefit the tactical player, ie. not running and shooting at the same time. I would only encourage the team to brainstorm ways of taking it even further. Maybe the delay between running and shooting gets a tad longer, maybe the affect on aim that lowerd stamina through running has is made even more dramatic, etc. 6) A way for server admins to limit the number of nades would go a long way in reducing the frag fest you see sometimes. Nades are great but they are often overused in a "random" fashion. 7) ANYTHING else you can do to slow down the game and make it more tactical. I apologize in advance for the double-post but I am aslo going to put something similar in the other MP recomendation thread. These things are kind-of related to one another.
  11. NOOOOOOO Please. It will make the game even more run&gun and since you can't run and shoot at the same time, any movement whatsoever will sling/holster your weapon.
  12. BeerDrinkingAssasins dedicated dom server has been patched. We are also recruiting ...
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