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  1. I've had inconsistent 1 shot kills with headshots and the SCAR H in single player. Two nights ago my friend and I were checking out the mp maps and looking for things to watch out for. He asked me to kill him so he could resupply, I obliged him with a 7.62 to the HUD from 3 meters. He was knocked down to yellow health and required two finishers. Being familiar with firearms IRL, there's nothing on two legs and few things on 4 that would be able to shrug off a 7.62 FMJ to the eye socket from that range.
  2. FWIW using tab to move through the gamespy login menu got me through registration without errors.
  3. I'm with Judge Recluse, I went so far as to pack extra ammo after reading of other folks running out. I used the SCAR H and the Crye rifle so far and did notice one HK G3 mag near a body but could not retrieve it. I also saw a massive pile of Beretta magazines near another fallen opfor. Using the M8 and SCAR L picking up 5.56 mags was automatic.
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