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  1. I've been playing Ghost Recon 1 for the last four years and this new game is not like the original or an improvment of the orignal. Its like Rainbow 6 game scaled down in real time with the added ability to slide when running. Don't get me wrong I had high hopes for this game....I wished to heck that it would be great and I was soooooo excited about the demo and the release of the full version like no game ever released before....with the exception of stumbling across Operation Flashpoint demo by accident one night way back when. I'm sure even you half hard core ghost recon fans will get tired of wasting your ammo shooting up the same old cars, doors and wheels as I did within time. Anyway I feel that the Ghost Recon / Desert Seige / Island Thunder source code should be released onto the net so that the true die hard fans can give this game the true upgrade that it deserves. i.e. falcon 4.....and commanche vs hokum....you want to see a real improvement on a game ..... let the true fans that have a wee bit of skill at programming have a go at it and you will see totally amazing results. Its a sad day when console games are better then the pc games when there is all that unsed potential available to developers. Long live the GR1 mods and Ghost recon dot net!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank-you very much modder people.....you have brought many a great hour of fun and suspense to my gaming life.... Cheers.....
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