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  1. I like the game and play it... but that doesn't change the fact that not many people play it. It's an issue of empirical evidence. This issue troubles me as a GR/GRAW fan, so I think it's okay to comment about it.
  2. The lack of people playing this game speaks volumes! As does the volumes of people playing certain games (Halo, Unreal, SC, Diablo, NWN) that are 3+ years old. I'm afraid that a change in season or any upcoming patch will not be able defibrillate this game.
  3. Generally speaking people tend to start multiple moan topics with similar-to-identical complaints as others... I guarantee the moan posts FAR outweigh the "Way to go" posts. Besides, I don't know of anyone that gets tired of well meaning, encouraging words.
  4. I am only simulating a pinned, sticky topic, or FAQ, which is part of all forums I've ever seen. So, I don't see a problem with the purpose of this topic. Sorry, I have no idea what your talking about... I googled Maddox and I'm guessing you're referring to the guy who says, "This page is about me and why everything I like is great. If you disagree with anything you find on this page, you are wrong." If so, I am just arguing my opinion like anyone else. People don't get on the forum and post topics that they think they are wrong about unless they are just being silly. I debate the to
  5. I believe that no matter what perspective you have about this, whether gamer or consumer, you have the freedom to post negatively. As long as it's not negativity divorced from "contructivity" But what I'm saying is (and I don't feel like I've been able to communicate this to you) that either: a) Reduntant negative/similar topics (In other words, "new" negative topics that are clones of the ones below it) don't help. If a person has a legitimate complaint, it can be voiced, but there are already lots of complaints out there, so go voice your complaint on an active thread. Don't just st
  6. I never called anyone a whiner because they have an opinion on something. If you can find somewhere I said that, quote me. I think if you read my posts instead of doing EXACTLY what you complained about doing, you might even agree with me.
  7. in all fairness he shouldnt be angry at the community for not all embrasing the game in a positive light. after all the issues with the game people are unhappy with are actually the responsibility of grin and ubi themselves. Now im not going to go so far to say that grin should be angry at themself, but maby instead of being angry at the unhappy gr fans he should try to understand where they are comming from. Well, Wille's point was, it was the "6 other threads like this [moan post]" that was giving him a hard time. And I don't think it's 6 threads of "I don't like this, maybe GRIN could t
  8. There were actually a few posts where the OP started out completely positive (not even constructively criticizing), but my point was not to point them out. Within some of those posts, there are good and legitamate posts that still negative but constructive. I believe it's the negative rants such as... "GRIN should never make FPS again!", or "This game ####### sucks!!" that doesn't do you, me, GRIN nor anyone else in the community any good. I was not intending to be smug or superior. (I was making fun of some of the posts, but it was in good fun, you should check the last thread... this g
  9. In the interests of balance, shouldn't you do the same thing with all of the threads praising GRAW? Or is it okay to start multiple threads saying "graphics are awesome" or "gameplay is fantastic" - even though there may already be several of them? You could call it : FPF (Frequently Praised Features) FAQ for praisers. Check before starting a new topic. Well the whole reason I started this thread was because GRIN_Wille was saying that its hard for him to not be angry at people because there are so many moan posts. I am not trying to be fair to people who are angry, I am trying to
  10. I know there is a point to it... I just don't want to incite more forum "violence" And thanks!
  11. Here is a non-exhaustive but large list of posts of moaning and complaints at varying degrees of severity. If you have a moan, flame, or vent please search through these before starting a new post. (I wanted to make good on my suggestion here) (This is just through the month of June [and some from May], and I'm sure I missed a few.) Sniper, Single Player Feels being a sniper is pointless because others have binoculars... Cajun man wants to know one thing. Someone please tell cajun man who called this game a sequel to Ghost Recon You can kiss GRAW goodbye if this 3rd person view
  12. Thanks for the good intentions and a more complete response. I understand that there are some things you can't comment on, cause they are only in the notepad stage, under review, etc. so thanks for saying what you can.
  13. They don't need to, but they HAVE chosen to enter discussions (and sometimes taking insults in the process). So if they don't want to answer, then they shouldn't. But if they do, then my point is GR.net could help out a bit.
  14. Then maybe GR.net could serve GRIN better by making a sticky/FAQ or should I say FMQ? Let the FAQ address all these alike-threads. But let there be concrete answers. (Unlike some answers I've seen by GRIN folks.) That way the if these same people start these same posts again, a moderator can reply with a link to the FAQ and lock the thread. That way GRIN could reply once, and be done with it. Let GR.net folks sort out everyone else.
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