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  1. Thanks very much , never spotted those. When I saw the word 'settings', I just turned off.
  2. I'm reinstalling windows, and want to back up my GRAW saves. I performed an uninstall (GRAW is on a different drive to the one that is going to be wiped), and made sure I told it not to delete the saves, but now I can't find them. Can someone tell me where they'll be? Thanks. EDIT:: No one? I've only had 3 people read the topic (the other 3 of them were me checking it), and there are 50 people here! I need to do this soon, and I don't want to loose my hard work in the SP game! I've tried a forum search, but no luck. I've checked if they are in the same place as the Splinter Cell Chaos Theory saves (which is a stupid place IMO), and no luck.
  3. Great news GRIN. Just want to know if the issues on "Quarterback" and other missions are being addressed here? (CTDs as you go up the hill). It's completly stopping me from playing the game, so I'd like to know if I'm going to be sorted, or if I have to wait till June. P.S. This is not a moan. I'm just asking for info.
  4. I've had it happen several times. I can't get past the mission because of it. Screenshots are pointless as it just CTDs. I'd try a vid, but I guess you need fraps, which I don't have and AFAIK it's not free. At least it's being noted. Hopefully a fix can be found.
  5. 1280x1024, and I chose "I'm alright for now", as I don't know my exact FPS, but that sums up how I feel. All details on the highest the game will allow (I haven't fiddled with the xml). My specs: AMD A64 3700+ S939 1024MB DDR400 RAM GeForce 7800GT 256MB Soundblaster Audigy LS Can't think of any other hardware that's relevant.
  6. Same problem in "Quarterback". It's taken me ages to get to that bit with all my men alive and in good health, and now I can't get up the hill! Please help us fix this GRIN, coz I'm really enjoying the game, and now that my exams have finished, I want to play it more!
  7. I've not been able to find what spec PC you need to unlock high textures. I'm very lucky it seems, in that I have GRAW running very well on my PC, but I want to see if high textures has a major adversal effect on the performance of the game. What hardware is needed, and is there a way to force them on? BTW, great game GRIN. Exactly what I wanted (I'm not into online gaming much, so I'm not bothered about the issues there, I'm just loving the SP campaign at the moment). [Merged into existing thread - Please check before posting]
  8. I've not read all 19 pages of posts, so if some of my issues have already been raised, then I apologise. Firstly though, love the demo! This is the first thing I've played for years that has actually challenged me. Anyway, 3 points I'd like to make: 1. Looking at some of the earlier peoples PCs, they were complaining about performance, yet they had better PCs then me, running on lower settings!?!? I had everything on full, at 1280x1024, and apart from the first 5 seconds, the game runs brilliantly. I'll add my specs to the bottom. 2. Probably been mentioned before, but sometimes, I can't hear my own gun. Most of the time it sounds very distant too, like the gun firing noise is coming from where my bullets are hitting. I'm using 5.1 with a SB Audigy LS. 3. The loading screen (where the little ghost recon logo spins in the bottom right) could do with a progress bar. It's not important, but it would be nice. Other than that, I can't wait for the game. Unfortunatly it comes out right in the middle of my exams . Thanks GRIN! CPU: A64 3700+ S939 RAM: 1024MB DDR400 GFX: 256MB 7800GT (x1, no SLi for me) Sound: SB Audigy LS I think that's all you need.
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