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  1. I completely agree with the review. Single player is fantastic, multiplayer is decent I suppose. The only thing holding this game back is glitches and a lack of content. There just doesn't seem to be enough of multiplayer to keep me playing it and SP will last me a while but I don't know how much I will replay it. Al gore on South Park
  2. MY PC: CPU: AMD 64 3200+ Socket 939 (Venice) VPU: Nvidia PNY verto 6800gt 256mb AGP8x RAM: 2GB MOBO: ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 (ULi M1695) SND: Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music HDD: 104GBs of Free space, 70GBs used SETTINGS: Resolution: 1024x768 @75Hz Texture Quality: MEDIUM Texture Filtering: 16xAF Effects Quality: HIGH Dynamic Shadows: HIGH Dynamic Lighting: ON Post Effects: HIGH EAX: ENABLED Audio Quality: EXTREME TWEAKS: Max Frames to Render Ahead set to 0 texture_quality_characters set to 'high' texture_managed_characters set to 'True' (so my RAM can worry about the big character textures thus leving my video card to everything else. Lost no performance and got nicer textures) PEAK FRAMES: ~40-50 AVG FRAMES: ~25-40 MIN FRAMES: ~25-20
  3. I have a PNY Verto 6800gt 256mb AGP8x with beta drivers 84.43 with "Max Frames to render ahead" set to 0 and I have no problem playing. The game plays decently at Medium textures, high effects, high dynamic shadows, Extreme sound and AF 16x at 1024x768. The rest of my system: 2GB of Kingston RAM (stock speed) AMD 64 3200+ 2.0GHz (stock speed) Creative X-fi Xtreme Music with 5.1 Speakers Two Hard drives with 77GBs free Windows XP home (SP2)
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