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  1. Going pretty good. Cleared out a few of them so far. Best game play yet was going through the Unidad main base causing all kinds of trouble with 2 buddies. Was going through the tunnel part of it and laying there watching some bad guys waiting for my friends to catch up. Next thing I know one guy comes zipping by on a dirtbike and goes "Sup duck"... 2 seconds later, a armored jeep full of Unidad soldiers comes hauling ass behind him and sees me. Stops and drops off like 4 soldiers and the guy on the gun and just tear me apart. While Im dead waiting, the same friend comes hauling ass back through the tunnel with a big ass truck and just plows through the guys and parks between me and them, revives me and we go on to till them and the truck full of guys that came back with him from the underground. It was pretty funny.
  2. Minus the resources that you can get for the game, the only other thing it looks like it gives you is some 2x bonus and a couple of patches. Im not super sad that its not for the US.
  3. I was ready to go when the closed beta ended.
  4. Thats cool. Hopefully we have have multiple characters so I can have a weekend warrior to play with you guys.
  5. Im not in Oz but Ill play with ya. We had fun together when we played.
  6. From what people said on reddit that glitched outside the play area, looks like the rest of the playable area was there. They said there is SAM site, and APC that we will be fighting as well. If thats true, this could get pretty damn hard.
  7. The way we were working towards was keeping the drone but removing the mini map. I took the mini map as like a little GPS that's tied into your drone the marked the last spot of the targets. If only they didn't move on it, it would be awesome.
  8. Im sorry they didnt work guys. IDK why it didnt work.
  9. If you havent gotten an invite yet, send me a friend request on Uplay - Evilducky2 - and ill send you one tonight when I get home from work.
  10. We have to be friends on Uplay, add me - Evilducky2
  11. I dont need a sniper 3 code. Im checking now to to send out invites.
  12. Hello all! Haven't posted in awhile but I have 3 friend codes left if anyone needs one. Let me know! Ducky
  13. Im more excited for Ubisofts Anno series, but I will be watching this one and seeing how it goes. I hope we get some good actual game play videos by the end of the year.
  14. So Far Cry found Ghost Recon and had a little baby where Ghost Recon had the dominant gene. This shall be watched..
  15. Ok. So it looks like this thread is pretty old now and didnt get much attention. I think it would be a good time to bump this thread back and see where it goes =P I dont know how much you guys have been following this game, but they have been doing a hell of a job here in the last year since the last post. They have grown to be one of, if not the largest crowd funded AAA title game there is to day. Just reachin over 18 million dollars yesterday and growing at a healthy rate still. With tons of promises and add ons already, its gonna be great. Recently they added in the Hanger modual. If you have pledged money for some ships and got the right ships you can load up the hanger and go walk around and actually intereact with your ships. They dont fly around or anything fun like that yet as its still pretty much pre-pre-alpha, but its cool that you can walk up to them, around them and even in them. You have 3 hangers options. Getting XXX craft will get you the discount hanger, which I believe looks the best for this game IMO. Its a dirty garage looking hanger, low light, not clean cool looking thing. Getting XXX ship will upgrade you to the business hanger, which is a little bigger and a bit fancier. Lastly getting XXX ship will give you the delux hanger, which is the largest of the 3 the available at the time being. Its the high class of them as well. They have a bunch of different pledges you can chose from starting at 30$ all the way up to $5,000! If you want beta and alpha access, the starting price will be $40 and up. The ships that are avaliable have all kinds of rolls and what not. Anything from explorer, to mercenary, to speed, to cargo to straight up dog fighter. New stuff is being discussed daily and the devs are constently listing and giving feed back in weekly updates. If they see a big discussion on something, they will address it and fix whatever needs to be fixed if they see fit. Very good feed back and communication from them which is a huge + for me. Heres a link to their main site for anyone new that wants to look into it and see what this game is about. Theres tons of videos and pictures online of the different hangers and different ships that are avaliable. So just search around and you'll find anything that you'll pretty much want to know. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/about-rsi So. With all that said, whos pledged and got what?! Lets see some pictures of your hanger and ships that you have. I think this game is gonna be awesome! I cant wait for it. Heres a link to my ships and hanger for you all to see https://plus.google.com/photos/106284750072407732021/albums/5920923930219280289?banner=pwa
  16. I just picked up all the DLC for borderlands 2. =P I have a few games on my watch list that im hoping getting a bigger discount than what is there already.
  17. good that hopefully means that the games shown will be for pc as well.
  18. Speaking of that, if it does interest you and you are interested in getting it, they are having a sale next week, June 20th - 30th, of all their DCS products. "DCS Summer Sale - Next Week Starting the 20th of June, we will offer massive 60% off sale of DCS products. The exception will be Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3 having a 40% off sale. The sale will last until the 30th of June: DCS: UH-1H Huey - $19.99 DCS: Combined Arms – $11.99 DCS: P-51D Mustang – $15.99 DCS: Black Shark 2 - $15.99 DCS: Black Shark 2 Upgrade – $11.99 DCS: A-10C Warthog – $15.99 DCS: A-10C Warthog (English DVD box) – $15.99 DCS: Black Shark (DVD box) – $15.99 Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3 – $29.99 DCS: Black Shark – $7.99"
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