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  1. I posted this over on the ghost recon reddit but I think you guys would enjoy this:


    "I'm gonna mark this as a spoiler in case anyone hasn't finished playing the mission yet.

    I decided to play though this again fully because of today's task for challenge. I noticed a few cool little foreshadows to Breakpoint that I missed the first time through.

    First one:

    When you are heading to the underground base they team is talking about Jace Skell and how they are the creator of the tech. The last line of that banter is your team mate saying "Just be glad he hasn't replaced us with robots yet". This leads to how you lose your team members and they get replaced with some drones. Look at you sync shot :D

    The next one is more of a possible mission for Breakpoint?

    When you are listening in on the conversation between the engineer and his daughter? He talks about how they are supposed to go live on the Island his Boss owns - Auora. Now that hes dead, I'm gonna guess we will have a mission to save his family.

    Last one I picked up.

    This one was when you save Bowman in the underground base. When you go inside Bowman calls Walker a "Wolf" being off his leash. This is a cool one cause the main enemies are rouge trained agents called "The Wolves". Pretty neat.

    I'm sure there are more, but I thought these were cool to hear in this mission."


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  2. Im ok with no AI - The way I see it is if you play solo, this is a great example of ###### going south and you lost your squad... If you play coop - you lost the difference between a 4 man squad and who you bring along.

    I have a feeling that they will just be replacing squad mates with drones anyways. At least I hope so since the whole story is about this drone manufacturing island.

    This is what i wrote on the ubi forums:

    "Counter argument to the AI team mates.. .what if, since this whole things is based around drones, your class has a drone skill tree that replaces the AI team mates? Sniper class - up to 3 scout drones that will mark the position and do a free scout within an area. If they have a Medic class a drone that helps with wounds and revives you if you go down. I'm sure they will have some Assault class - his drone can be up to 3 ambush / defend drones that you can place wherever you want within a range around you and they will stay there and defend / assault anyone that comes within range of them. Then there is that Panther class that gets a drone that can do smoke screen, or a single silent shot, [or an emp blast] but has to be manually driven. There is soo much that can be done to replace the AI with the way they are taking this and I hope they go more this route than some AI team mates to be honest."

  3. What if your AI team mates are just replaced with drones? Since this one is a high focus on them, I have a feeling we will see some specialized drones as an upgrade. Scout drone, send out one or 3 to scout areas. Attack drone, place these drones around and will defend or attack an area. Healing drones, stays close by and will revive you if you go down. 

    There is a ton of possibility here, so I wouldn't be jumping off the cliff with the rest of the knee jerk reactions that are on the main forums just yet.

  4. I'm actually ok with the no friendly AI thing. I run solo most of the time now as it is. I get why they want to do that too. The feeling of being truly helpless, out numbered, out gunned and out matched then to try and stay alive. They probably have it story wise that your team mates die in the helo crash. Who knows.

    A few things I hope for:

    - Flashlights. I want this as a weapon attachment.
    - The gear you wear matters. If you don't have NVG's on, you don't night vision. If you don't pack a drone, you get no drone. 
    - Good weapon customization
    - Good character customization. Let us carry only one primary, pick a drone and only let us change at the camp thing (don't remember what its called)
    - Ammo is magazine based and not number based. you pick the number of mags you carry.
    - this is something I don't think they will do, but I want choices and failures to matter. Kill a target, it takes days in game for them to "replace" that target before you can try again to capture him. They run away, their new location is guarded heavier than it was before and the enemies are more alert. Patrols don't have the attention span of gold fish. The enemies to notice that they are missing people after awhile. <--- any of this last one is probably a long shot but I can hope!

    I'm excited to see more at E3

  5. Its the same as the Guerrilla mode in Future Soldier.

    Also, they missed the right silencer for the M110 :( Honestly, even without it, I'm not sure why they even added it. The differences that that and the SR25 are very very minimal. Same goes for the Mk18 - they really could of just given the M4 a short barrel and the stock from the 416 and everyone would of been happy. Ah well... PEW PEW PEW!

  6. The new way to play.. Rebel Ops style. AK style weapons, no silencer, drones, night vision or fancy gadgets, dress like a rebel and doing resupply missions. If you do a convoy steal mission, you have to drive the truck to the nearest rebel base. Helos you can still just fly to their destinations.



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