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  1. To UK Cobra , theyre going to ship it around the world first , so that the likelihood of a delivery guy stealing your cd key and installing it on his pc first increases ... im betting it gets shipped to Compton next , cuz theres a 68 % chance there .
  2. yeah the explosion effects are great , but if youve played F.E.A.R. , youre already used to the distortion effect from the blast .
  3. the scar is solid and so is the mr c , i generally grab an mr c with a scop and gl , for the demo i was always silenced but in retail the spread is more difficult to control with sd . and btw , the mp5sd5 isnt all that inaccurate , its just the stopping power on the rounds is lousy . ive had a good line-up of a bogie quite a few times and i spray him till my dot is well above his position , and then get flanked by a couple bogies only to be killed by the dude that shouldve been dead from the sd5's fire , but 'tis just a fleshwound .
  4. yeah print screen is probly the best way to do it , since i've been thru the key config .xml and see nothing there about scrrenshots .
  5. im not really an ultra-n00b , but lets pretend for a sec that i am ... what the hell is this [GR] i keep seein everywhere ? im thinkin its Old Ghost Recon , but im usually wrong bout that stuff .
  6. hmm , any chance of you posting or pm'ing the server info , been itchin to play with human players rather than stoned or otherwise heavily drugged ai whom resemble the worst of n00bs from CS .
  7. yep its official ... because of your graw title , you got ripped ... of that is . ahahahahahahha nub
  8. seems about the same , and so far i've been too involved in finding my way around to notice exactly why my team decides to take strange alternate routes to get to my ordered position ... like why not just follow the guy givin the commands , if i were an ai bot , id be thinkin " im probly safer with the dude tellin me where to go , rather than running halfway around the block without looking to get to where he told me to go " . and btw , the ai is not capable of using the ZEUS , so i assume they only switch weapons if they run out of ammo for the primary , if they are even smart enough to do that . giving an "attack" command on a tank prompts the ai to find a waypoint to it , and then kinda of mozy around like a cow in a pasture till he gets his ass torn apart by it .
  9. the game uses the novodex physics engine (with drivers or supplimentary software installed ) , with agiea physX drivers installed to make you drool over the trailers and agiea physX demos , and nothing else ... unless of course youre so compelled to have explosions in your game that resemble hollywood that you need to buy an agiea card to see more of the explosions that arent even important to the gameplay .
  10. good find but againthe finalized file's extensions is .bundle , not .rra like i mentioned , because thats only while the package is being installed , which of course will give you source file errors if you try to open or mod it . but that may prove to be a step in the right direction , thz .
  11. to anyone wondering if in the retail version the friendly ai will ever use anything but his primary , the only way this would be possible is for a tank or APC to be relatively stationary , and you must target the vehicle and give the attack command . i just got the retail so ill try it out and let you know , but im on mission 3 and they havent used anyhting but primaries so far .
  12. the whole point of this mess of a thread is cuz they tell you " installation of this driver is mandatory .
  13. np , glad to be of assistance . and i have the retail and the values still crash the game , though im not sure which of the " context.xml " values it is , since i changed all of the " Enable this for bundled versions " variables . it did however produce a textures_db.bin in the data\textures folder , as i mentioned earlier , so if anyone could have a look into that , i think you need to enable the texture_db , run the game and then exit after playin for a bit for the engine to compile it .
  14. if you didnt hear about the starforce splintercell shenanigens , Ubi used a copy-protection product that neither informed the user of its installation , nor presence . in addition , it routinely downloaded contextual advertising , ads that were in the " style " of your browsing habits . so if youve followed some of ubi's progress since they started , it was basically : Rainbow Six Franchise bought out by ubisoft , series destroyed by buggy game and loss of the overall "feeling" that made the rainbow six series so great ... also , an SDK was promised to the modding community , which was a bigass percentage of the fanbase , and was ultimately neverreleased , after numerous "delayed" announcements . so they not only screwed a game up , they then proceeded to ###### their fans as well . Splinter Cell : awesome game , i have no complaints , and it was probably one of the best game ever . splinter cell : pandora tomrrow , developed by Ubi's shaghai studios ( interestingly enough , while Ubisoft Montreal begins work on Splinter Cell 3 ) is released with the first ever-stealth multiplayer . all things considered , its pretty damn good , a few minor exceptions , but overall not bad , though it was rated by fans in some forums as a POS game . Ghost Recon 2 is cancelled for PC ... what a load of ###### this is . for a ghost recon fan , the pos console just aint gonna be enjoyable , and Ubi apparently realised that a console port aint gonna fly in the pc market . Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory is released , and is by far the most bitchin game i played at the time of release . however , for the majority of the customers , the coop mode , 1/3rd of the game , wouldnt function properly . now if youve played scct solo , you realize it looks and plays great , and you could imagine how kickass coop would be with unique mission tying into the main storyline would be . but ubisoft paid virtually no attention to this obviously major problem , until a patch fixed it in v.1.04 i thnk it was . however , in the v.1.05 patch , they brought the bug back , leading just bout every owner of the game to believe that 1 : they just dont care or are incompitent , and 2 : people with such lack of brain power can still manage to breathe . next up is Rainbow Six : Lockdown ... nothin to see here ya lookey looks , move along and now GRAW ... i have to admit , while Ubi continually lures us in with great screenshots , which , astoundingly enough , have no platform indication , us consumers keep gettin duped by it , and end up payin for less than we appreciate . GRAW is a kickass game i admit , but no user-made downloadable content , and the cheap selection of gear just ###### me well off . and to anyone sayin " just grab a ######in gun and play a-hole " i kinda agree . but im non-pro 3d/2d artist , a bit of a mapper , and i can animate at a basic level , with room to learn more . So without mod tools , im prolly just gonna ######in tear thru the game , say it was ok , and never touch an Ub product again . so this is just an account of facts concerning the whole idealogy and buisness practice from Ubi , so you can still hug your games and tuck them into bed with you at night , but when you open your eyes , the games will still be unmoddable and sometimes incomplete , though the stain on your sheets would insist that they wont be .
  15. hmm , im not sure about whats causing the game to crash , cuz im so bad at programming , but i do know that editing the " context.xml " in the root install folder will allow you to generate a " texture_db.bin " file , so i guess we can make new skins or something already , if the damn .bin would open that is .
  16. i have corrected info on the bundle package , which of course contains all the data in one neat and un-openable package , how nice ... the package while bing installed displays a .rra extension , until completed , then becomes a .bundle extension . also no info on filext.com on this type of file , other than a completely unrelated Apple iMovie 3 ( now iMovie HD 6 ) format file statement . so the status of a method to open/extract/recompile is still the same , though i assumed the install extension would remain the same . sorry for that . and for anyone wondering , yes i tried notepad and winrar to open both the .rra while being installed and the .bundle once completed . *also noteable , is that in the root install folder ( in which the GRAW.exe resides ) , there is a " context.xml " file , editable with notepad , that can enable xml compiling , scripts , mopps , and a texture_database ... none of which seem to do anything when set to true , except a " textures_db.bin " is now produced , and a log window opens while loading a mission telling you that your game crashed , and the stupid reason why . in addition , in the demo , the " classic crosshair " function was set to false by default in the " context.xml " file , and if enabled did nothing noticeable , is now absent in the retail . so if you of you 1337z 4/-\xx0|20|2z can do it , extracting and compiling this package ( or better yet , compile an entirely new , custom .bundle , which would be useable by the game ) , it would boost the game's value in alot of fan's eyes .
  17. Quick Death = New game to go Gold man , you aint seein the big picture . .
  18. Steve M , good to see ya on the gr forums ... the bundle from the retail is a .rra , and no details on filext.com about it so its a custom extension , gonna need a custom 3rd party editor/compiler/decompiler if we hope to mod any content . btw im not a pirate , i have friends in the San Fran Ubi Offices .
  19. anyone usin hamachi for lagless-lan play ? for those who havent heard of it , its a Virtual Private Networking application , that allows for any user with an internet connection to link up with anyone , anywhere , for local area network play . also useful for teleconferencing , etc. , but thats not releveant here . *NOTE : Before you start using it , be aware that by connecting to a server , you automatically allow other connected users to browse/copy/delete/edit any shared files or folders on your pc . But its as simple as disabling share privilages on any shared data to disable this function ... so if anyones interested , join server : KronGR , pass : graw ... or post your network info , thz .
  20. why do oldass ppl feel the need to call someone with a differing opinion "young one" ?
  21. this is kinda senseless on and on rants bout whether or not you like/support the product ... much like the starforce wars ( kinda like star wars , it aint real or cool , but everyone seen it ) . so quit yer bitchin and if you dont want it , uninstall it , even if it means you can use the game anymore . and if you like it , though it makes no graphical difference in the game without the card , then keep it , problem solved . you nubs can now move on to the next new thing that you can spam mad posts about . and btw , if you get an app with a system tray icon , and you wanna disable it , just goto "Start>Run... type msconfig ... goto startup , then find the application and disable the check , and exit without restart ... next time you reboot it wont be there .
  22. well anyways , back on topic ... graw content is located in a .rra file in the X:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Bundles directory folder , and the most official file extension referenceing library (www.filext.com) has no documentation on it ... so it will be initially up to the programmers to create a tool to extract/decompile/recompile the data from that package . all other tweaks can be done through the .xml files in notepad , but very little can be accomplished there .
  23. yeah i setup a hamachi server , but had to shut down soon after i posted with the info , sorry bout that ... but the server is back up . servername : Dimmy_graw password : graw ( or coop )
  24. hey , i got a server on hamachi up , if anyone wanna join , servername is : Dimmy_graw ,, pass : coop .
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