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  1. if you have to disable AV , it should be called Game Virus then eh ? btw , if you wanna play without all the crap from gamespy , grab hamachi from http://www.hamachi.cc/download , and sign into KronGR server , pass is graw ... *Note , before you connect to any server , you should be aware that any shared folders or files on your pc can be viewed/copied/edited/deleted from your pc , so be sure to disable share privilages before joining a server .
  2. damn dogg , you can post all the jargon you want till youre "blue in the face " mind you , or "till the cows come home " , and "count your chickens before theyre hatched " but "killing two birds with one stone is better than a feather in the pocket " , so there you have it .
  3. QUOTE(ROCOAFZ @ May 3 2006, 07:26 PM) E and B screwed me today... So it is true you admit to gettin screwed by both B and E ?
  4. Disruption Disruptive or Persistently Argumentative ? hes the one hittin the refresh button bout 8 times a minute to throw back some derogatory statement at me , because he posts false statements and opinions that not only bash RSE and GRiN and Ubi , but has no foothold in reality . I'll take a warning for that , but if you like your job , you might consider doing it well .
  5. i still have no respect for one who throws a bunch of bs just cuz they mad in a post , then completely disregards the corrections with " what is this? really ? " , and " how old are you " ... if you dont like the game , dont play it ... i'd definitely be more happy to not see you around in-game , than to see you playin and then you'd probly stalk me around the map goin " how old are you " and " this game sux "
  6. oh heck 16x you say? Oh well then problem solved! Lemme go warm up my rig that has 64 gigs of ram 10 terabyte harddrive and 5 GB of ram video card. I can't even run graw on 8x without lag man. ← i got a p4 2.6 Ghz , 1024 RAM , and an ATi x850XT Pro 256 mb AGP 8x ... aint like i robbed Bill Gates and got a ######in powerhouse here man .
  7. sup , just lettin you know theres a hamachi server up for the FULL version at : KronGR , pass : graw ...
  8. i thnk after the UNBLOCK , you can just go back to the program you were in and continue ... From what i've read , you can use The All Seeing Eye to play GRAW MP . for anyone who wants to use LAN over the internet , i have a hamachi server setup ... servername : KronGR , pass : graw
  9. if you try puttin your Anistropic Filtering on 16x , it should reduce the aliasing . i can still notice it , because i was looking for it ... ie. in the chopper at the SAW PARA , but other than that it pretty much ditched the jaggies .
  10. the option would be ok , no problem there . but how do you know the voice files already exist ? theres no viewable content forom the game .
  11. yeah some people i know had serious problems getting patches , sometimes the key didnt match their install , and sometimes compatibility issues with people who bought the game at a store , they couldnt play on store bought retail servers .
  12. this isnt GR1 ... otherwise we'd have no-recoil kill frenzies and very bland player models , low poly weapons , etc. the technology is great , i cant see why you all complain here . all i can think of is that youre a bunch of cs nubs playin the dmeo if about 1/3 of a mission , bi7chin and whining about stuff that cant even be done yet . developing a game for 2 years or more is draining . i've modded games for 4 years , and at times i wouldve doen some pretty nasty ###### to get a vacation and goto tiajuana . so its well deserved , and when they get back , theyre goin to have to sort through fecal splatter from morons who are either ###### cuz its not GR1 with an upgraded engine , or because they want to change their skin colors . if youre so damned insistent on makin GR1 or new skins , learn a damn development app , like photoshop or 3ds max or maya . then go buy HL2 or ut2k4 at the bargain bin and make your own damn game , then youll realzie that A : Damn i aint capable of workin that much , especially for free , due to the fact that im a nub , and B: this game's a helluva lot better than anything you could make . so
  13. your post wont be disregarded because of a fact-error , it will be disregarded because your entire post consists of fact errors . the "focused aiming" youre referring to , is actually what us laymen call " the eye " . it does the damnedest things , like actually focus upon , well , what youre focused on . and if you think you have a fair understanding of what military training is like , then why would a simple right-to-left mtion keyframe animation bother you so much ? this isnt a " MTV's Make a Music Video " pc game , were you expecting britiney spearsch to be one of the Ghosts ? your comment on the savegame , while both very funny , and indicative that you still have the pc you ran GR on with medium settings , is a very uneducated one . i dont have a great pc , i have a good pc , and it flashes for no more than 3 seconds at a savegame , if at all . for the most part , all i see is the message displayed to inform you the checkpoint was saved delay the information display for less than 2 seconds . nothin to whine about therre , and it doesnt effect me in any noteable manner . also , were all ready bummed to hear this , but implementation of virtual body suit technology with a conveinient usb interface hasnt happened yet , so youre still gonna have to press a damn button to get out of that chopper 5hitpigeon . the sounds , well , if you had any common sense , you'd go into the sound settings , reduce the music you love so much , and then raise your master volume , so that the firearms are louder , i know its wierd eh ? and fyi , projected sight reticles dont just disappear from the scope when youre not lookin at it ... its like " if a tree falls in the woods and nooon'es around , does it still make a sound " ? hmm , i know youre probly thinkin no for that one , but yeah , its been proven , cuz you could leave a sound recorder there , and it will still make a sound . so you have alot of work to do before you try a demo of a game that isnt done and tell the hardworking developers that you thoroughly enjoyed the game until it began then it sucked cuz you dont know how to play it .
  14. not one poster has 1/3rd the knowledge that GRIN has ?? youre just as bad as yo uthink we are ... and while i support the comments about showing courtesy , asking for mod tool , skins , etc. are part of the postrelease hype , so i would venture to say you have no idea how difficult it is to make a game , nor do you know how to make one yourself . not to bash ya here , but you defintely sounds like a fool making assumptions about the whole of the forum community . now i guess we need a smiley with the sign "im with the modders " , cuz you should show support for us as well , since we take time from our daily lives to not only disregard the bs in these forums , but continue to work for free to develop tools (if neccessary ) , produce maps , and other downloadable content for the fans , while you seem to know less , and other more .
  15. well thats a great idea , and youre also eligeable for the " 7ard pack " which is available at a reduced rate .
  16. just do what i do , only listen to teh black guy , cuz the rest are bill gates clone / robot hyrbrids .
  17. thats ... so ... so beautiful man , thank you for sharing with the group . and remember , meds time is in one hour .
  18. why is it that ubisoft will perform an intrusive scan of my pc to verify purchase/install ? i can do it just fine from where i sit , and if i steal any Intellectual Property , it was mine to start with ... i for one am not going to start the Ubi boycott again , only to read the countless posts from people who secretly bought and smuggled the ubi game into their rooms and wont tell their friends bout thier dirty little secret . However , if they want to verify the install , dont you think the presence of the game files and me running them would hint about it being installed ? and if they want to verify my purchase , would you also not be under the impression that CD Key Verification by the server , which is probably stored in an ncrypted file in my game's directory or executable , or even registry ( and i aint even goin into the whole " registry check " issue ) , would do the trick ? so in conclusion , i aint usin it . ill use ASE or a VPN to play it .
  19. Why do you say that? ← i say that GRAW is unmoddable as of now becuase all the content is locked in a bundled package, that cannot be opened. so if you wanna try to make " GhostRecon 5 : I R 1337 " using only .xml files that arent useable anyways becuase the bin data doesnt support the change and crashes the game , by all means . wait a minute ... i got an idea ! how bout we spy cam pam anderson in teh shower and replace the briefing videos with that by Binkin' the avi and play GRAW all wigged out ?
  20. i thnk theyre just addicted to no-recoil gameplay , theyre just not 1337 anymore since it got added ... goin back to GR1 would be like playin a flash game ... the graphics are there , and i can just point and click ... " i dont care if i weigh 120 pounds soaking wet , im going to shoot this SAW until my mag runs out without repositioning my pointer " , its all about the mileage people .
  21. only thing i can think of that is the hand grenades in sp and coop , maybe adversarial too , but when you pull out a nade , you have to stop , then click and hold the mouse to begin the pin-pull and throw action ... too many times i have pulled out a nade while walking and then clicked to begin the pull , and since the status of the throw distance is subtle i assumed it was building , then i get torn up by a SAW or something because the pin never came out . this could be addressed numerous ways , i find the easiest to be an automatic pin-pull key binding ... for example , hold the use key or fire button while equipping hand grenades to enable the pin to be pulled and the distance meter to begin building , even while walking .
  22. GRAW is currently unmoddable .
  23. a glitch in graphical developer terms can also relate to a problem with basically anything in the game .
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