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  1. I saw this thread about 3 weeks ago and it convinced me to buy an Xbox360.  That's right, I bought an x360 so I could play Ghost Recon 2 and Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike.  Two "Last Gen" games.  I figure if I'm going to do it, I better do it before GR:AW PC comes out!

    I remember seeing the first GR2 images a few summers ago, plus the trailer where they are running through the woods.  Man was I excited for it.  This artwork just brought back all the missed hopes and memories.  I still love the GR2 website where you can look at all the characters and weapons.

    I had been debating purchasing an x360 since the consoles are on a new "cycle," and the graphics are much better then the last batch(PS2, Gamecube, Xbox).  The last console I had was Sega Genesis which I sold to buy an Amiga 500. Seeing that GR2 and Summit Strike were backward compatible pretty much sealed the deal for me though.  So, three weeks ago, I found a premium pack at Circuit City and said the hell with it, lets see what this thing can do.

    I actually bought GR:AW as well, but have not wanted to spoil GR2 so I did not put it in until I'd finished GR2.

    When I first put in GR2, I didn't know if I'd be able to play it all the way through.  It really took an effort to get use to the thumbsticks and the OTS view.  After a while though, I found myself digging it.  The 5.1 audio is amazing, I love playing it for the sound alone.  It's not exactly the GR1 PC feel, but there is quite a bit of old GR in it.  Of course, I love the artwork and characters.  Even at "TV Res" it still looks decent.  I ran it on my PC monitor a few times, but couldn't tell if it really res'd up.

    After finishing GR2, I picked up Summit Strike.  It's even better, and a lot closer to the GR1 feel.  Doesn't seem to be Anti-Aliased on the x360 like GR2, but it still looks good and sounds great.  The missions are very cool, even with the console feel.

    Just finished the last Summit Strike mission tonight and I gotta say, I'm really glad I got a chance to play these two GR games.  I'm sad they never made it to the PC, but it's been fun playing on my couch with the wireless controller and surround sound.  Now that I'm more proficient with the controls, I'll probably go back and play the campaigns again.  I tend to play games at least two times through these days.

    A side note:  I put in GR:AW to see how it looked.  Well...my jaw hit the floor.  It looked and sounded so amazing.  I almost could not believe how gorgeous it was even on my Sony Vega which is not HD.  Only ran through the training mission, but damn!  What a difference.  I'm still diggin on GR2 right now, so I'll hold off playing it, but wow is it pretty!  I see HDTV in my near future : )

    wow that was really long

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