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  1. are you guys talking about xbox live or somethin else because im getting really confused
  2. with the playstation 3 graphics it will look pretty cool if they made one the ps3 does cost $600 i doubt any one gonna buy one
  3. ive changed my mind i like the rocket launcher
  4. i dont use snipers i just use assault rifles beause its basically a sniper
  5. thats kinda funny if you think about it
  6. you all are really lucky to have the 360 and that sucks that i cant afford it
  7. i screwed up on the title sorry its supposed to be to them at the end of the title
  8. i think its cool that you can see your dude in gr2
  9. wow thats really technical i just pick the M8,silenced pistol,rocket launcher,frag grenades
  10. my particular favorite weapon is the M8 and it looks really cool
  11. ive played the ps2 version and its very addictive but i havent tried the xbox version but im hoping to
  12. no you can only play co-op on the xbox and xbox 360
  13. no cause i heard it sucks really bad
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