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  1. How this function will work, if we only have 72 hours to complete whole mission? :hmm:

    I suppose you shouldnt expect features from xbox trailers in pc version.

    You mean PC version will not contain this future?

    I mean that GRAW for Xbox and PC were completly different games, xbox verion lacked lots of PC good features and PC lacked lots of Xbox good features. The xbox version has very unrealistic but it was bigger ( more weapons, more maps, bigger MP maps variety). PC version was a bit more realistic than xbox version but had only 5 same looking MP maps , ~10 weapons etc etc. If someone raised any expectations about PC version after watching Xbox trailers he was surprised after installing GRAW PC :) For an example i was waiting for dry docks map from one of GRAW 360 trailers, nice looking design, night, heavy rain ... imagine my diaspointment when i saw GRAW PC MP maps ? :) I couldnt remeber their names for 2 weeks becase they look so simillar :)

    I know that the PC and x360 versions was two different games, but im sure that i have readed somewhere, i think in Sweden article, that in PC version will be real time day and night cycle during the mission.

    Here some quote from Sweden preview. :)

    The three day drama has made Ubisoft and Grin to develop an impressive daylights cycle with very nice and varied weather effects.

    And very sorry for my horrible English. :rolleyes:

  2. here is my immersion.

    1) Grin, Grin, Grin and again Grin , (im not kidding.) : :)

    2) Destruction, such detailed. :thumbsup:

    3) Graphics in this game i think 1 of the best so far.( im not kidding) :)

    4) Sound in GRAW the best so far , splinter cell 3 on the 2 place.

    5) Weapon detaills and Reloading animation.

    6) Character detaills and animation.

    7) Huge city, ive never seen that before in any other game.(im not joking) :P

    8) Big amount of mission.

    9) Multiplayer

    10) Box art. :)

    And very very sorry for my horrible english. :rolleyes:

  3. Joseph_Q

    I already read it 1 year ago, The witcher last wish and it was great i tell u, it based on the short stories about Geralts adventures, i readed it on Russian language, but im not from russian Im from Azerbaijan. ;)

    Btw, are you from Poland???. :)

    Very sorry for off topic, i dont do that again. :rolleyes:

  4. Joseph_Q

    PS. is Your nick based on new cRPG game which is going to be released next year ?

    Yeah lol im the big fan of the that game , and im waiting for it almost 2

    year, I hope Poland developer(CDproject) will make quality product, just like Grin make with GRAW.

    U are the first person who asking me about that. LoL:)))

    Good luck:)

  5. Joseph_Q

    HL2??? you think HL2 has better physx than GRAW, no way man thats cannot be.:) HL2 is linear game instead of GRAW.

    Anyway they are both cool games:)

    True, i remember beeing able to dig through the rock with the nades, that was something. Red faction also had materials bullet penetration, and this game is 4-5 years old if im correct.

    Yeah i forgot about it, sorry:)

  6. zulater

    No i mean destructible environment, , this is a 1 game with such technology,

    i havent see that before, blowing cars, destroing wooden wals, particle system,

    all this together gives unparralel visuals. :grin1:

    I mean it is so impressive. :rolleyes:

    And again very sorry for my english. ;)

  7. Joseph_Q

    Sorry bro but you are wrong talking about GRAW's engine, just look at the ground or wall textures, have you seen that before in any other game, look at the map size, detailed physx, HDR, dynamic shadows, normal and paralax maps on every object.

    Im not talking about linear game like Doom or Fear, im talking about open map games like GRAW.

    So i think graphics in this game is one of the most impressive i ever see so far, im not kidding.:)

    P.S Thanks for the listening:), and very sorry for my horrible english.

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