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  1. GRIN, known for developing the PC versions of Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, announced that it is opening a new studio in Gothenburg, Sweden early 2008, to work on a yet un-announced triple A sci-fi title. Currently working on Bionic Commando for Capcom, GRIN has satellite offices in Spain, Jakarta, and Japan.

    â€Our ambition is to be better, faster and more fun to work with than other developers and we want to spread that ambition to the Gothenburg region. We’ve had a very successful year and our goal is to continue the success with the opening of a new a studio in Gothenburg.†said Bo Andersson, CEO GRIN.

    GRIN Gothenburg is located in the heart of the city with 700 square meters of top modern office space. When we open the doors on the 7th of January 2008 most of the team will consist of true veterans from the games industry that either come from the region or have moved in to join the ambitious project. GRIN will be hiring throughout the winter and spring.

    â€Gothenburg has a long tradition of games development but has been missing a really established development house in recent years. With GRIN’s bold move we will be reinstating Gothenburg as a high profile development region.†said Peter Björklund, Lead Gameplay Programmer, GRIN Gothenburg.

    Source http://www.worthplaying.com/article.php?si...ead&order=0

    Great news GRIN, my congrats. :):thumbsup:

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  2. Here the first news. :)

    'Bionic Commando' (PS3/X360/PC) Revived

    Originally released in 1988 on the 8-bit machines, Bionic Commando hasn't been heard of since the '99 GBA edition, but that's about to change as Capcom is reviving the franchise. Nathan Spencer, our bionic hero, has been framed by his superiors and is on death row as a new terrorist group BioRain destroys Ascension City with an experimental weapon. Armed with his grappling arm, Spencer is the only one who can infiltrate the city and find out what's going on. The title is being developed by GRIN, known for Ubisoft's Ghost Recon.


    Can't wait. w00t

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  3. Hello GR'ers (hmm is that even a word?)

    Graw 2 is out, we've been busy working on it for the last few weeks

    Now we have more time and would be happy to talk to you on the forums.

    Also, you will soon get some info about the support of the game and the modding effort. (Like the map editor readme I posted)

    So don't despair, we have not abandoned you.

    Although I cannot promise that there will be too much activity here this weekend since people are outside enjoying the beautiful Swedish summer.

    Thanks all

    Thx you and all Griners for supporting us. We are very pleased to see you guys on this forum. Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

  4. Ok, let's say you have your team in Recon Mode, you give them orders to position themselves where you want them.

    Once all of them are in position all you have to to is press middle mouse button to get the xcom order menu, and then you select Assault Mode.

    If your guys see an enemy in assault mode they will open fire.

    Does that make it clearer?

    But they will open fire with silenced weapon(mp5, m8 compact) instead of primary(Rx4, Scar).

    And, for example when i will assault some camp where there will be 10 heavy armed tangos at the same place , why do i need silenced weapon for that kind of approach? In this moment i will need heavy and unsilenced weapon, such as Rx4, M99 and MK 46 LMG.

  5. Bahger

    Are you saying that if their SMGs in the secondary slot are non silenced but their pistols are silenced (which is default in the demo) the command to open up from recon mode will work properly?

    Yes, thats what im talking about mate. I mean when im equiping my team with primary weapon and silenced SMG's and giving "Go Recon" command, they switching there weapons to silenced, but when im giving back "Go Assault" command they are still holding silenced weapon. Only when im selecting silenced pistols Assault and Recon commands works properly.

    Thats it. And BTW very sorry for my english.

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