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  1. Sad, very sad. The only hope now is guys from Outbreak team...
  2. Nice animation mate, in which program did you created it? Looks awesome))))))
  3. Thx you very much guys for helping me, now everything works fine. 4 grenades in Gl instead of 1.))))) Tinker Already did it with yours very very first method, and it works.))))
  4. Tinker 3: Open a command prompt for this bundler folder Type: bundler extract -r quick.bundle data data Where from i can open a command prompt for this folder. I tried Run>Cmd, but nothing(((( Then i opened bundler (MS-DOS bacth file) and still nothing happens(((
  5. Can someone upload sb_weapon_data.xml file? I just cant find it in GRAW 2 directory.((( Thx in advanced.
  6. Joriko They are available in both, SP and MP. trucker63 Same here, only 1 grenade in GL.
  7. Nope mate. Only Mitchell can plant C4.)))
  8. Hope ROE works properly in SP. Otherwise this patch is useless for me.
  9. And thats all? All the fix list? I thought it would be bigger, much bigger.
  10. Nice job Grin, glad you guys made it.))))))) And i just have a one question. Did you guys fixed bug in SP when you are switching between assault and recon mode? For example when your teammates are at recon mode they doesn't used silenced SMG.
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys and your families
  12. Source http://www.worthplaying.com/article.php?si...ead&order=0 Great news GRIN, my congrats. [Thread moved to correct forum (+Quotes added)]
  13. GRIN_Wolfsong Thx mate, we appreciate your labor.
  14. Here the first news. http://worthplaying.com/article.php?sid=46...r=0&thold=0 Can't wait. [Moved to correct forum]
  15. Thx you and all Griners for supporting us. We are very pleased to see you guys on this forum. Keep up the good work.
  16. But they will open fire with silenced weapon(mp5, m8 compact) instead of primary(Rx4, Scar). And, for example when i will assault some camp where there will be 10 heavy armed tangos at the same place , why do i need silenced weapon for that kind of approach? In this moment i will need heavy and unsilenced weapon, such as Rx4, M99 and MK 46 LMG.
  17. Bahger Are you saying that if their SMGs in the secondary slot are non silenced but their pistols are silenced (which is default in the demo) the command to open up from recon mode will work properly? Yes, thats what im talking about mate. I mean when im equiping my team with primary weapon and silenced SMG's and giving "Go Recon" command, they switching there weapons to silenced, but when im giving back "Go Assault" command they are still holding silenced weapon. Only when im selecting silenced pistols Assault and Recon commands works properly. Thats it. And BTW very sorry for my english.
  18. Bahger I have the same problem mate, but only when my ghosts have silenced SMG's, when im giving them silenced pistols, recon command work properly. Dont no why this happens, hope further pathes will solve this problem.
  19. They can't throw them, right but if their weapon is equipped with a grenade launcher then they'll make use of it! True i agree.
  20. No, you cant order your team throw grenades, because there is no such order. You even cant equip your guys with any type of grenades. Still waiting answer on my question.
  21. Hello everyone. I just want to ask, is there a way to give order to Jenkins(demolition) to plank C4 on the artillery? Im just asking because i have read some preview and there has been said that, mission can be also completed by using your teammates only.
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